Verse 80

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Let every state be simple 
    like a small village with few people 
There may be tools to speed things up 
    ten or a hundred times 
    yet no one will care to use them 
There may be boats and carriages 
    yet they will remain without riders 
There may be armour and weaponry 
    yet they will sit collecting dust 
The people must take death seriously 
    and not waste their lives in distant lands 
Let them return 
    to the knotting of cord 
Let them enjoy their food 
    and care for their clothing 
Let them be content in their homes 
    and joyful in the way they live 
Neighbouring villages are within sight of each other 
Roosters and dogs can be heard in the distance 
Should a man grow old and die 
    without ever leaving his village 
    let him feel as though there was nothing he missed