Verse 10

Bid on NFT

Hold fast to the Power of the One 
It will unify the body 
    and merge it with the spirit 
It will cleanse the vision 
    and reveal the world as flawless 
It will focus the life-force 
    and make one supple as a newborn 
As you love the people and rule the state 
    can you be free of self-interest? 
As the gates of Heaven open and close 
    can you remain steadfast as a mother bird 
    who sits with her nest? 
As your wisdom reaches the four corners of the world 
    can you keep the innocence of a beginner? 
Know this Primal Power 
    that guides without forcing 
    that serves without seeking 
    that brings forth and sustains life 
        yet does not own or possess it 
One who holds this Power 
    brings Tao to this very Earth 
He can triumph over a raging fire 
    or the freeze of winter weather 
Yet when he comes to rule the world 
    it's with the gentleness of a feather