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Synthesia - AI Video generation platform

Synthesia CREATE enables you to make AI videos by simply typing in text. Generate engaging video content without the need for actors, film crews an...

The Social Dilemma

This documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.


netflix · 26 Sep

Listen to Andre Cronje of Yearn Finance on YFI and the Fair Launch: 'I'm Lazy' - Ep.190 now.

Andre Cronje, the developer of, talks about all things DeFi and the past, present, and future of yEarn. In this episode, he discusses...

DeFi governance blockchain meaning DAO cryptocurrency crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 26 Sep

Listen to 'It doesn't need me:''s Andre Cronje on the protocol's path to decentralization now.

In the fast-paced world of decentralized finance, the people behind the protocols are sometimes just as captivating as the protocols themselves.  T...

DeFi governance @Spotify

Spotify · 26 Sep

Trump's campaign blew almost $1 billion, and now it's in deep trouble

Trump's reelection campaign started the day he was sworn into office, on January 20, 2017. Since then, the campaign has wasted $1 billion.

Fox News won a court case by 'persuasively' arguing that no 'reasonable viewer' takes Tucker Carlson seriously

Tucker Carlson has a long history of making racist and controversial statements as a primetime host on Fox News.

Nearly two-thirds of US young adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust

According to survey of adults 18-39, 23% said they believed the Holocaust was a myth, had been exaggerated or they weren’t sure

The End of Emerge (For Now)

I've decided to put this project on hold and dedicate myself more fully my work and training at the Monastic Academy. In this episode I share some ...

podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 26 Sep

The Civium Project 08: Civium Summarized

A brief summary of civium with Tim Adalin. Full video here:


YouTube · 24 Sep

Listen to E47| Civium & The Problem Of Civilization, w/ Jordan Hall now.

Jordan Hall is known to some as a rare sort of visionary, philosopher, and cultural change agent. He joins Tim for a hopeful dialogue about the p...


Spotify · 24 Sep

Listen to "After DeFi, it’s NFTs and DAOs. We're Gathering Tinder:" Jihoz of Axie Infinity now.

This week’s interview is with Jeff Zirlin, aka Jihoz, growth lead at Axie Infinity. Axie is a digital game built on Ethereum, which involves cute a...

DeFi @Spotify

Spotify · 24 Sep

Listen to 28 - The Bull Case for DeFi | Vance Spencer now.

Episode: #28 August 31, 2020 ----- Tools from our sponsors to go bankless: Loopring - trade & pay on Ethereum w/ near-0 gas fees! (use "Bankless" ...

DeFi podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 24 Sep

Listen to 30 - Synthetix To Billions | Kain Warwick now.

Episode: #30 September 14, 2020 ----- Tools from our sponsors to go bankless: 🌐 UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS - GET A HUMAN READABLE CRYPTO DOMAIN 🌈 ZAPPER -...

DeFi podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 24 Sep

Listen to SotN#15 w/ Jordan Lyall - $MEME is Hot, Why EIP1559 Isn't Here, UNI: Buy, Sell, or Hold? now.

Episode: #31 September 21, 2020 ----- Tools from our sponsors to go bankless: 🌐 UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS - GET A HUMAN READABLE CRYPTO DOMAIN 🌈 ZAPPER -...

DeFi podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 24 Sep

'Close to 100% accuracy': Helsinki airport uses sniffer dogs to detect Covid

Researchers running Helsinki pilot scheme say dogs can identify virus in seconds

Covid-19 coronavirus

Issue #1 | Shitcoin Praxis

Yield farming, trading memes, and more in the first issue of Shitcoin Praxis.

Introducing the DeFi Pulse Index on TokenSets

The DeFi Pulse Index is now available for purchase on TokenSets!

DeFi crypto @Medium

Medium · 15 Sep

I was infected with coronavirus in March, six months on I’m still unwell

Charlie Russell, 27, is one of an estimated 600,000 people with post-Covid illness, a condition that may give an insight into chronic fatigue syndrome

Covid-19 coronavirus

‘Doomsday glacier’ in Antarctica melting due to warm water channels, scientists discover

‘I was shocked – it brought home how much how much this system has been damaged,’ says British Antarctica Survey scientist on break up of ice shelf


The future has arrived. These explosive fires are our climate change wakeup call

Scientists have been warning of the growing threat of climate change, and now those projections are a reality

climate change

Physicist: The Entire Universe Might Be a Neural Network

In a preprint paper, physics professor Vitaly Vanchurin from the University of Minnesota Duluth argues that the entire universe may be a neural net...


Futurism · 14 Sep

'It's unbearable': Lesbos refugees sleep on streets after devastating fire

Residents of Moria camp struggle to salvage what they can as protesters try to block efforts to rebuild

The Fastest Unicorn of All-Time

Hi Fren, Learn2Yearn aka Blue Kirby is a fictional character played by a real person. I do not work for and am not qualified to provi...

Ice sheets melting at 'worst-case scenario' rate

Millions worldwide at growing risk of flooding, researchers warn

Amazon 'condemned to destruction' as fires proliferate across Brazil

The vast rainforest is experiencing a repeat of last year’s devastating fires and critics say Bolsonaro bears ultimate responsibility

rainforest amazon

Finding the remedy: an exploration of Medicine Festival

“We’re fighting perception and reality,” proclaims Wasing Estate owner Josh Dugdale at the opening ceremony of Medicine, seemingly the…


Medium · 4 Sep

How to Save Huge on Gas Costs Trading with Loopring DEX

This is a super short demonstration of how I use the Loopring DEX to spot trade for fractions of a penny in gas costs. Right now, gas prices (in Gw...

DeFi governance @YouTube

YouTube · 4 Sep

🧑‍🌾 Yield Farming Tools

🧑‍🌾 Yield farming tools and strategies.

Network Lifecycle Investing, Non Fungible Tokens & Digital Art, Jake Brukhman of CoinFund

Jake Brukhman is Founder of CoinFund which has been investing in blockchain since 2016. Through his unique experience in computer science, quantita...

blockchain amazon DAO @Spotify

Spotify · 31 Aug

Listen to "It's not just about money; it's touching a very primal desire to connect with others:" ParaFi's Santiago Roel now.

Santiago Roel is partner at ParaFi Capital, one of the most active investment funds in DeFi. Before going full crypto, Santiago worked at JPMorgan’...

DeFi crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 31 Aug

Listen to "What We're Building is Very Big and We Should Have The Least Concentration Possible:" Aave's Stani Kulechov now.

Stani Kulechov the founder and CEO of Aave. When we spoke Aave was the second-largest DeFi protocol, but in the days after our conversation, it ros...

DeFi @Spotify

Spotify · 31 Aug

Listen to Cory Doctorow: Reviving the Cypherpunk in All of Us now.

Cory Doctorow is a blogger, author, and podcaster known for being cypherpunk and activist. For over two decades, he has been a central figure in th...

governance blockchain cryptocurrency crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 31 Aug

033 Richard D. Bartlett – Small Social Experiments and Macro-Scale Social Transformation

Social entrepreneur and community innovator Richard D. Bartlett joins Terry to explore the dynamics, challenges and potentials of conscious communi...


Spotify · 31 Aug

Listen to Homebound: Decentralizing the Power of Healing with Dr. RUPA MARYA /169 now.

For The Wild presents Homebound as an offering of curated episodes from the archives intended to share perspective and guidance in the midst of a t...

Covid-19 podcast sovereignty @Spotify

Spotify · 31 Aug

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