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May 2024, Dandelion
Conor Cregg on Soulful Masculinity and Sex Club
May 2024, Hermes Amara Foundation
Emptiness and Metamodernism: Exploring the Resonances Between Rob Burbea and Hanzi Freinacht
May 2024, Dandelion
Gaia Harvey Jackson and Alana Hyde Bloom from True Nature
May 2024, Dandelion
Osara from Ecstatic Dance Bristol and Ace Collectiv
Mar 2024, edyn
How technology shapes what it means to be human
Jan 2024, Building Our Regenerative Future
AI and our Regenerative Future
Aug 2023, Medicine Festival
Medicine Circles: Get involved in one of Medicine Festival's new local groups
Jun 2023
Reforge the Ring #2: Distribution, Contextualization & Instantiation
Jun 2023
Reforge the Ring #1: Accumulation, Extraction & Abstraction
Mar 2023, GreenPill with Stephen Reid
Feb 2023
Post Capitalism & Psychedelic Colonialism with Alnoor Ladha, Lynn Murphy and Stephen Reid
Dec 2022, University of Bristol
Psychedelics and the Regenerative Renaissance
Dec 2022, ReFi Spring Bristol
Crypto, Climate and Regenerative Finance
Aug 2022, Medicine Festival
Web3 and the Radical Imagination
Jul 2022, Catalyzing Radical Systemic Change
Web3 & the Regenerative Renaissance
Jun 2022, Life Itself
Stephen Reid & Rufus Pollock on Worker Cooperatives and DAOs
Apr 2022, Schelling Point
Teaching ReFi: Insights from a web3 Educator
Mar 2022, Google
DAOs and the future of co-operation
Jan 2022, Life Itself
Richard D. Bartlett, Stephen Reid & Rufus Pollock on Critical Exploration of Web3
Mar 2021, RenaissanceU
Charles Eisenstein on the Regenerative Renaissance
Mar 2021, The Lightfoot Podcast
Stephen Reid On DAOs, Psychedelics & The Regenerative Renaissance
Dec 2020, The Psychedelic Society
Psychedelic Futures: The Pollination Approach
Oct 2020, Adventures in Awareness
Stephen Reid: Psychedelics, Meditation & Enlightenment
Aug 2020, Medicine Festival
Tech for Good: The Promise of Decentralisation
Aug 2020, Medicine Festival
The Corporatisation of Medicine
Aug 2020, PsyX
Stephen Reid on Decentralised Systems, Antifragility and Psychedelics as Amplifiers for Innovation
Apr 2020, SPORE
Sacred Solidarity panel with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey, Rick Doblin, Francoise Bourzat, Sam Gandy, Bia Labate and Gail Bradbrook
Dec 2019, Totnes Civic Hall
How Should Totnes Greens Vote?
Nov 2019, University of Exeter
The Mind, Meditation & Psychedelics
Nov 2019, House of Hackney
Sacred Sigils: Magic in the Anthropocene
Oct 2019, Fungi Fest
Psilocybin Mushrooms for a Regenerative Society
Sep 2019, XR South West Rebel Rising
Psychedelics, Extinction and Social Change
Sep 2019, The Psychedelic Society
David Luke and Stephen Reid in conversation
Aug 2019, Shambala Festival
Psychedelics, Extinction and Social Change
Jul 2019, Stir to Action Festival
Psychedelics and the Living Planet
Jul 2019, Noisily Festival
Integration Through Social Action
Jun 2019, EartH, Hackney
Rupert Sheldrake, Robin Carhart-Harris and Stephen Reid in conversation
Jun 2019, The Oddball
Growing A Psychedelic Sociey
May 2019, Newspeak House
Autopia: a platform for co-created gatherings
Apr 2019, Findhorn
Psychedelics, Extinction and Social Change
Apr 2019, Conway Hall
Sunday Assembly Lates: Let's Talk About Drugs
Apr 2019, Advaya
Regenerative Activism and the Ecology of Movements
Jan 2019, Luminate Festival, Aotearoa New Zealand
Psychedelics and the Living Planet & The Psychedelic Renaissance
Jan 2019, Conway Hall
Psychedelics, Extinction and Social Change
Dec 2018, Institute for Art and Ideas
The Promise of Psychedelics | David Nutt, Amanda Feilding, Stephen Reid
Dec 2018, Global Health Film Festival
Magic Medicine
Nov 2018, The Future Is Beautiful
Stephen Reid on Psychedelics, Extinction Rebellion and Metamodernism: Reconnecting with Nature in These Urgent Times
Nov 2018, Parliament Square
Extinction Magic: A Grief Ritual for Rebellion
Oct 2018, Inner Truth
Using Psychedelics For Mental Health
Oct 2018, The Psychedelic Society
Grand Opening of the Psychedelic Society's new space in London
Oct 2018, Alter Ego
Stephen Reid and Daniel Thorson
Jul 2018, Emerge
The Psychedelic Renaissance
Jul 2018, Boom Festival
Psychedelic Integration
Jul 2018, Noisily Festival
Psychedelics, Nonduality and the Nature of Consciousness
Jul 2018, The Psychedelic Society
Launch of the Psychedelics for Mental Health campaign
Jun 2018, Beyond Psychedelics
Psychedelics, Democracy and Reform
May 2018, HowTheLightGetsIn
A Long Strange Trip
Apr 2018, LSD75
Growing A Psychedelic Society
Oct 2017, New Unity
Psychedelics and Mystical Experience
Dec 2016, Conway Hall
The Legal Regulation of Psychedelics
Nov 2016, The Psychedelic Society
Launch of the Psychedelic Society of Brighton
Sep 2016, Beyond Psychedelics
Growing A Psychedelic Society
Jul 2016, Conway Hall
Psychedelics and Nonduality
Feb 2016, Cambridge Union
This House believes that taking recreational drugs is worth the risk
Jul 2015, The Psychedelic Society
Launch of the Psychedelic Society of Bristol
Jun 2015, The Psychedelic Society
Launch of the Psychedelic Society of Manchester
Apr 2015, The Psychedelic Society
Launch of the Psychedelic Society of Edinburgh
Nov 2014, Conway Hall
Mainstreaming Psychedelics (launch of The Psychedelic Society)