Verse 42

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Tao gives life to the one 
The one gives life to the two 
The two gives life to the three 
The three give life to ten thousand things 
All beings support yin and embrace yang 
    and the interplay of these two forces 
    fills the universe 
Yet only at the still-point, 
    between the breathing in and the breathing out, 
    can one capture these two in perfect harmony 
People suffer at the thought of being 
    without parents, without food, or without worth 
Yet this is the very way that 
    kings and lords once described themselves 
Who knows what fate may bring— 
    one day your loss may be your fortune 
    one day your fortune may be your loss 
The age-old lesson that others teach, I also teach— 
    "As you plant, so you reap" 
    "As you live, so you die" 
Know this to be the foundation of my teachings