Verse 20

The difference between a formal "yes"
    and a casual "yeah"—how slight!
The difference between knowing the Truth
    and not knowing it—how great!

Must I fear what others fear?
Should I fear desolation
    when there is abundance?
Should I fear darkness
    when that light is shining everywhere?
The people of this world are steeped in their merrymaking
    as if gorging at a great feast
    or watching the sights of springtime
Yet here I sit, without a sign,
    staring blank-eyed like a child

I am but a guest in this world
While others rush about to get things done
    I accept what is offered
Oh, my mind is like that of a fool
    aloof to the clamour of life around me
Everyone seems to bright and live
    with the sharp distinctions of day
I appear dark and dull
    with the blending of differences by night

I am drifting like an ocean, floating like the high winds
Everyone is so rooted in this world
    yet I have no place to rest my head
Indeed I am different...
    I have no treasure but the Eternal Mother
    I have no food but what comes from her breast
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