Verse 21

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Perfect action, 
True virtue, 
Supreme power, 
This is how Tao is revealed 
    through those who follow it completely 
Though formless and intangible 
    It gives rise to form 
Though vague and elusive 
    It gives rise to shapes 
Though dark and obscure 
    It is the spirit, the essence, 
    the life-breath of all things 
"But is it real?" you ask— 
    I say its evidence is all of creation! 
From the first moment to the present 
    The Name has been sounding 
It is the gate 
    through which the universe enters 
The witness 
    by which the universe sees 
How have I come to know all this? 
That very Name has told me, 
That Name which is sounding right here, 
    right now