Verse 62

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Tao is the treasure-house 
    the true nature 
    the secret source of everything 
It is the great wealth of those who are awake 
    the great protector of those still sleeping 
If a person seems wicked 
    do not cast him away— 
Awaken him with your words 
Elevate him with your deeds 
Requite his injury with your kindness 
Do not cast him away 
    cast away his wickedness 
When the emperor is crowned 
    or the three ministers installed 
    they receive a gift of jade and horses 
But how can this compare 
    to sitting still and gaining the treasure of Tao 
This is why the ancient masters 
    honoured the inward path of Tao 
Did they not say 
    “Seek and you will find”? 
    “Err and you will be forgiven”? 
Within, within 
This is where the world’s treasure has always been