Verse 50

Bid on NFT

Again and again 
Men come in with birth 
    and go out with death 
One in three are followers of life 
One in three are followers of death 
And those just passing from life to death 
    also number one in three 
But they all die in the end 
Why is this so? 
Because they clutch to life 
    and cling to this passing world 
I hear that one who lives by his own truth 
    is not like this 
He walks without making footprints in this world 
Going about, he does not fear the rhinoceros or tiger 
Entering a battlefield, he does not fear sharp weapons 
For in him the rhino can find no place to pitch its horn 
The tiger no place to fix its claw 
The soldier no place to thrust his blade 
Why is this so? 
Because he dwells in that place 
    where death cannot enter