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Green candidate steps aside as Labour targets Tory-held Chingford

John Tyne ‘tactically withdrawing’ to help Labour unseat Iain Duncan Smith

Introducing Polis

The world's next prevalent economic and governance system is already sprouting from the current one. With Polis we are helping its evolution along ...

Extinction Rebellion activists sail 'sinking house' down River Thames

Extinction Rebellion activists staged a surprising demonstration Sunday, floating a model of a sinking house down the River Thames in protest over ...

Australia fires: nation braces for 'most dangerous bushfire week ever seen'

New South Wales faces an unprecedented fire danger on Tuesday amid high temperatures and strong winds

Quantum Physics and Wetiko — Awaken in the Dream

One way of understanding wetiko is by understanding its antidote, as both illness and cure co-arise as inseparable parts of a whole quantum system.

The Guardian view on the Unite to Remain pact: a response to a failed system | Editorial

Editorial: The election agreement between the Lib Dems, Greens and Plaid Cymru stems from an unfair voting system and the policy failure of the big...

Commentary: Let’s Envision a Buddhist Political Philosophy

Randeep Purewall says it's time to define Buddhist political philosophy. He proposes four core components for a political philosophy informed by th...

"Protest all day, party all night": How rave is uniting the Lebanese rebellion

The wave of protests in Lebanon have been defined by hard partying rather than destruction and violence

Why We Want to Abolish Billionaires

Hard work doesn’t get you a billion dollars — rent extraction, financial speculation, resource monopolization, and exploiting working people does. ...

Poorly planned Amazon dam project 'poses serious threat to life'

Operator faces choice of weakening 14km barrier or potentially devastating a biodiversity hotspot

The world’s first Gattaca baby tests are finally here

The DNA test claims to let prospective parents weed out IVF embryos with a high risk of disease or low intelligence.

The Lib Dem-Green-Plaid electoral pact isn't really a remain alliance

The Liberal Democrats, Greens and Plaid Cymru announced on Thursday that they won’t be standing candidates against each other in some seats at the ...

These Pro-Remain Labour Politicians Are Furious That A Remain Alliance Is Standing Against Them

"I thought the point of the Remain Alliance was to defeat Brexit MPs and it seems really odd to me," one Labour candidate told BuzzFeed News.

Scores of bushfires burn out of control in NSW and Queensland as temperatures soar

Hot and windy weather has created volatile conditions along parts of Australia’s east coast

UK railways cannot cope with climate crisis, says rail boss

Head of Scotland’s railway calls for vastly increased investment in future-proofing network

Ardern says New Zealand on 'right side of history' as MPs pass zero-carbon bill

Centre-right opposition National party throws support behind the legislation that has been applauded around the globe

Humanity and nature are not separate – we must see them as one to fix the climate crisis

Humans did not always see themselves as he separate from the natural world. If we are to reverse its decline, we must re-entangle ourselves with it.

I never expected to go viral just for saying billionaires shouldn’t exist| Lloyd Russell-Moyle

A tiny percentage of people have become super rich at the expense of everyone else. Who can argue that is right? asks Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle

Cross-party alliance Unite to Remain hold news conference on pro-remain electoral pact – watch live

Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► Support the Guardian ► Today in...

Brexit explained!

Everything you need to understand about Brexit in one graphic. Written, designed and narrated by David McCandless https://informationisbeautiful....

Tom Watson quits as Labour deputy leader and steps down as MP

Move will reopen debate about party’s direction under Jeremy Corbyn

Would you let a stranger rent your car to help pay to go electric?

Despite the bold claims of car-sharing services over the years none has quite pulled off an Airbnb or Uber quite yet. Turo reckons it can change th...

£30 off your first Getaround rental!

You’ve got £30 to try Getaround! Sign up with this link and book a car for weekend trips, moving out, and all your needs.

GroCycle Mushroom Farm Tour [Inside Our Low Tech Mushroom Farm]

Come take a look inside the GroCycle farm in this short mushroom farm tour. We show you around our: 1) Mixing & Inoculation Room 2) Mushroom Inc...

Now we have proof: the government used your money to lie about poor people | Aditya Chakrabortty

After I revealed plans to deceive on universal credit, an investigation began. Its conclusions are shocking, says Guardian columnist Aditya Chakrab...

Sea levels set to keep rising for centuries even if emissions targets met

Generations yet unborn will face rising oceans and coastal inundations into the 2300s even if governments meet climate commitments, researchers find

Extinction Rebellion protesters may sue Met as ban ruled unlawful

Section 14 order issued to halt protest across London was not legitimate, high court rules

California is on track to miss its climate targets—by a century

And it’s likely to get harder, not easier, for the state to achieve ever deeper cuts in emissions.

Do you believe in magic?

Happy belated Halloween! I’ve just returned home from a family holiday in Barcelona staying within sight of the magnificent Sagrada Familia. Over t...

Politician shuts down heckler with 'OK, Boomer' while calling for environmental reform

New Zealand PM Chlöe Swarbrick reminded the Olds that the younger generations will bear the brunt of climate change.

Bristol to become first UK city to drive out diesel cars as council …

Bristol looks set to become the first city in the UK to ban diesel vehicles. Citing a “moral, ecological and legal duty”, mayor Marvin Rees has app...

Massive Oil Spill Turns Brazil's Beaches Black, Kills Marine Life, Threatens Communities

"We do not know how much oil is yet to arrive. And it may last a long time."

Voter registration drive targets boat dwellers and sofa surfers

Operation Votey McVoteface aims to help people of no fixed address take part in election

A new way to read & write Markdown

Typora is a cross-platform minimal markdown editor, providing seamless experience for both markdown readers and writers.

Cambridge accepts £6m Shell donation for oil extraction research

Cambridge Zero Carbon says university has been ‘hijacked’ by fossil fuel industry

11,000 scientists declare global climate emergency and warn of 'unto…

Eleven thousand scientists in 153 countries have declared a climate emergency and warned that “untold human suffering” is unavoidable without huge ...

6 reasons to rethink the use of the word "shaman"

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use the word shaman out of context. I see it as a huge problem within the pagan, witchcraft, and New Ag...

My Campaign Map

Enter your postcode, find the marginal that needs you most and make the biggest impact.

Play Parties and Psychedelics: Magic or Mistake? - DoubleBlind

Thanks to the sex positivity movement, play parties, or sex parties, are no longer confined to Eyes Wide Shut elite or the swinger scene. They’re t...

Letters to the Earth Book Launch

Celebrate the publication of the Letters to the Earth book with the curating team and contributors. With special performances.

No 10 blocks Russia EU referendum report until after election

Decision to prevent publication described as ‘jaw-dropping’ by Dominic Grieve

The Politics of Waking Up 6: Where Is We? - Emerge

Our current political system means that we give away our power to tiny numbers of people who decide how to run our world. Are we seeing the conditi...

Dear White People - Emerge

The notion of indigeneity is a product of white frames of knowing. You don’t have to travel far in order to be indigenous. To avoid reproducing exc...

'He’s got a battle on his hands': could Uxbridge unseat Boris Johnson?

Labour’s candidate Ali Milani, 25, hopes student vote and Heathrow ‘betrayal’ could deliver shock result

Trump's self-destructive diet: Psychiatrist says unhealthy food choices may affect his mental health

The president lacks basic mental capacity and is violence-prone: a recipe for "extreme" danger, Dr. Bandy Lee says

Flights diverted in Delhi as toxic smog hits worst levels of 2019

Car fumes, industrial emissions and smoke from farms have contributed to a pollution crisis

Blue spaces: why time spent near water is the secret of happiness

Coastal environments have been shown to improve our health, body and mind. So should doctors start issuing nature-based prescriptions?

This is the Brexit Party's secret plan for general election success

Nigel Farage's latest political venture has launched its general election campaign. We followed the Brexit Party's top MEPs to find out what makes ...

Lib Dems stand aside for Green Party's Vix Lowthion on Isle of Wight | Chris Jarvis

Could this be the path to Vix Lowthion becoming the Greens' second MP?

Brazilian 'forest guardian' killed by illegal loggers in ambush

Paulo Paulino Guajajara was killed by armed loggers in the Araribóia region in Maranhão

German City Declares “Nazi Emergency”

The city council of Dresden, a far-right stronghold, says it's facing a full blown emergency.

This Election Is Where We Decide the Planet’s Future | Novara Media

With vast swathes of the planet quite literally on fire, 71% of Britons agree climate crisis is a more pressing issue than Brexit, writes Eleanor P...

Andrew Yang's campaign has gone 'mainstream'

While some Democratic presidential candidates are cutting back on their campaigns, entrepreneur Andrew Yang is going all in, Politico reports. Yang...

Brexit and the global genetic arms race — Philosophy for Life

For Brexit architect Dominic Cummings, the real prize of Brexit is to position the UK as a leader in a global genetics arms race.

Parliamentary Citizens' Assembly on Climate Change - A first step, but a devastating missed opportunity - Extinction Rebellion

Email: [email protected] Phone: +44(0)7969 083 371 / +44(0)7979 971209 / +44(0)7547663419 / +44(0)7479234522 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | M...

Dubai has taken 3D printing to a whole new level - literally

The project required only 15 workers and produced 60% less waste than traditional technologies.

Fracking banned in UK as government makes major U-turn

Victory for green groups follows damning scientific study and criticism from spending watchdog

Thousands of Britons invited to climate crisis citizens' assembly

Only 110 of 30,000 who receive invites will take part in event over four weekends next year

MPs bow to Extinction Rebellion demand, as they send out invitations to climate change citizens' assembly

MPs have bowed to a demand by activist group Extinction Rebellion as they send out 30,000 invitations to a citizens' assembly on climate change.

Super-rich prepare to leave UK 'within minutes' if Labour wins election

Wealthy see potential taxes imposed by Jeremy Corbyn as bigger threat than Brexit

Poll Shows Support For Impeachment Weakest Among Uncontacted Amazonian Tribes Who Know Nothing Of Our Ways

MANAUS, BRAZIL—Citing a lack of support from those with no knowledge of the outside world, a new Reuters poll out Thursday found virtually no enthu...

Silicon Valley Leaders Sit Down With Wildfire At Investment Meeting After Being Impressed By Its Rapid Expansion

MENLO PARK, CA—Expressing their desire to get in on the ground floor of what they see as an exciting investment opportunity, top Silicon Valley exe...

The US city preparing itself for the collapse of capitalism

From a festival that helps artists trade work for healthcare to a regional micro-currency, Kingston is trying to build an inclusive and self-suffic...

Earn your passive income with Power Mango

Supercharge your savings by lending your assets to others who are prepared to pay high interest for it. While they are paying for the loan, you ear...

More than half of people say climate change will influence how they …

More than half of people say climate change is such an important issue it will influence how they vote in the next general election, new research s...

Australia's rivers are running dry. This is how it's impacting on locals

Australia's Darling River is running dry, its most severe drought in a century. From inedible fish to tap water causing skin irritations, it's havi...

Sydney shrouded in bushfire smoke as Melbourne swelters

Air quality in Sydney and surrounds has been classed as ‘hazardous’, as parts of Victoria set to face hottest October day on record

Chile protesters: 'We are subjugated by the rich. It's time for that to end'

Chile’s worst unrest in decades has transformed into a nationwide uprising for change. Here seven protesters explain what they’re fighting for

Barack Obama takes on 'woke' call-out culture: 'That's not activism' – video

'That is not activism, that is not bringing about change' said the former US president

Twitter to ban all political advertising, raising pressure on Facebook

Social network’s move comes as Facebook faces controversy over ads that promote misinformation

Rising Seas Will Erase More Cities by 2050, New Research Shows

Scientists devised a better way to calculate land elevations and their findings are dire: Far more cities will be inundated by climate change than ...

The Mysterious And Lost Magic Mushroom Rituals Of The Ancient Celts

Was there a magic mushroom cult in ancient Ireland? Yes, there certainly was.

Drugs, Druids and the real Britannia

Who were the druids of ancient Britain? Did they take drugs? Did they explore underworlds and consort with demons? Manda Scott. author of the Boudi...

"We're not a Smart City, we're a Transition City": Rob Hopkins' amazing tale of Liege — THE ALTERNATIVE UK

We've returned from our trip to South Devon (see the Alternative Editorial this week) with a fistful of new tools and tales about everyday power ...

California Governor Declares Statewide Emergency as 180,000 Flee Kincade Fire

California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a statewide emergency as "unprecedented high-wind events" fueled more than a dozen wildfires.

Dalai Lama suggests ending Tibetan reincarnation system

The Dalai Lama said that the Tibetan Buddhist system of recognizing reincarnate Buddhist teachers “may have had its day.”

Scientists have discovered the ancestral home of all human beings

Scientists have pinpointed a fertile river valley in northern Botswana as the ancestral home of all human beings.  The earliest anatomically modern...

Number of Britons leaving for Europe hits a 10-year high

Britons in Europe spoke of the importance of an actively European identity to them

Protesters form human chain across Lebanon

Anti-government grassroots movement says it wants to foster feeling of national unity

Student in Peru makes history by writing thesis in the Incas’ language

Quechua is still spoken by 8 million people across the Andes, but Roxana Quispe Collantes hopes she can give it added value

Protests rage around the world – but what comes next?

Unrest is seemingly everywhere. We look at the some of the reasons for and responses to it in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Chile, Catalonia and Iraq

US nuclear weapons no longer rely on floppy disks to operate

Rest easy, people of Earth: The United States’ nuclear arsenal will no longer rely on a computer system that uses 8-inch floppy disks, in an update...

About 41% of the global population are under 24. And they’re angry…

From Hong Kong to Chile, young people are rising up to fight injustice and inequality. Their elders should be grateful

We dream of a consensus-based politics - but vTaiwan is using digital tech, as well as comfy meals, to make it happen — THE ALTERNATIVE UK

We have covered the amazing e-democracy developments in Taiwan, called vTaiwan, directed by the digital minister Audrey Tang (once a protester), o...

Protests around the world: Politicians must address ‘growing deficit of trust’, urges Guterres

More than 200,000 Indians have served in 49 of the 71 UN peacekeeping missions established around the world since 1948.

Madam President: “We knew”

This is speculative fiction. What if the United States fails to treat the climate emergency as an emergency through successive elections…

Boris Johnson's snap-election bid could backfire and make Jeremy Corbyn prime minister

The Conservative prime minister is the favourite to win an early election, but there are multiple reasons to believe his campaign may go badly wrong.

Irish musicians tell of anger at being called 'minor gangsters' by Rory Stewart

Hare Squead rappers accuse politician of racism and ‘trying to take advantage of black boys’

Dude, where’s my paradigm shift?

People have been heralding a new paradigm to replace materialism for over 140 years. Why hasn’t it happened? I asked some leading thinkers.

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