Hi, I'm Stephen.

I weave a technical background in AI/ML, complexity science and physics with experience in social entrepreneurship, transformative coaching and meditation.

I'm currently offering services in
AI consulting and group facilitation.

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Stephen Reid is a transdisciplinary technologist, facilitator and coach devoted to the flourishing of Life on Earth who has trained in the fields of AI/ML, complexity science, physics, transformative coaching, meditation and plant medicine. Current projects include consulting for top organisations on AI projects, facilitating group processes for high-performance teams, and leading the development of the Dandelion platform for regenerative events and co-created gatherings as part of not-for-profit worker co-op Symbiota.

Previously, he founded The Psychedelic Society, taught the Introduction to AI, Introduction to web3, How to DAO, Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance, The Promise of Decentralisation & Life as Practice courses, and served as the youngest ever board member of Greenpeace UK. Stephen has an MPhys in Physics from the University of Oxford, where he specialised in quantum field theory, an MRes in Complexity Science from the University of Bristol, and a Professional Certificate in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from UC Berkeley.

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Recent speaking engagements

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AI and our Regenerative Future
Aug 2023, Medicine Festival
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Jun 2023
Reforge the Ring #2: Distribution, Contextualization & Instantiation
Jun 2023
Reforge the Ring #1: Accumulation, Extraction & Abstraction
Mar 2023, GreenPill
Metacrisis.xyz with Stephen Reid

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Aug 2012, APS Physical Review E
Taxonomies of networks from community structure
Sep 2012, PLOS One
BSim: An Agent-Based Tool for Modeling Bacterial Populations in Systems and Synthetic Biology

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