Verse 41

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When the best seeker hears of Tao 
    he strives with great effort to know it 
When an average seeker hears of Tao 
    he thinks of it now and again 
When the poorest seeker hears of Tao 
    he laughs out loud 
Tao is always becoming 
    what we have need for it to become 
If it could not do this 
    it would not be Tao 
There is an old saying, 
    The clear way seems clouded 
    The straight way seems crooked 
    The sure way seems unsteady 
The greatest power seems weak 
The purest white seems tainted 
The abundant seems empty 
The stable seems shaky 
The certain seems false 
The Great Square has no corners 
The Great Vessel is never filled 
A beginner may be clumsy 
    but after practice—what talent! 
A large drum may sit silently 
    but when banged—what noise! 
Tao lies hidden 
    yet it alone is the glorious light of this world