Verse 14

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Eyes look but cannot see it 
Ears listen but cannot hear it 
Hands grasp but cannot hear it 
Beyond the senses lies this great Unity— 
    invisible, inaudible, intangible 
What rises up appears bright 
What settles down appears dark 
Yet there is neither darkness nor light 
    just an unbroken dance of shadows 
From nothingness to fullness 
    and back again to nothingness 
This formless form 
This imageless image 
    cannot be grasped by mind or might 
Try to face it 
    In what place will you stand? 
Try to follow it 
    To what place will you go? 
Know That which is beyond all beginnings 
    and you will know everything here and now 
Know everything in this moment 
    and you will now the Eternal Tao