Verse 30

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Those who rule in accordance with Tao 
    do not use force against the world 
For that which is forced is likely to return— 
Where armies settle 
    Nature offers nothing but briars and thorns 
After a great battle has been fought 
    the land is cursed, the crops fail, 
    the Earth lies stripped of its motherhood 
A knower of the Truth does what is called for 
    then stops 
He uses his strength but does not force things 
In the same way 
    complete your task 
    seek no reward 
    make no claims 
Without faltering 
    fully choose to do what you must do 
This is to live without forcing 
    to overcome without conquering 
Things that gain a place by force 
    will flourish for a time 
    but then fade away 
They are not in keeping with Tao 
Whatever is not in keeping with Tao 
    will come to an early end