Verse 32

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Tao is eternal, one without a second 
Simple indeed 
    yet so subtle that no one can master it 
If princes and kings could just hold it 
All things would flock to their kingdom 
Heaven and Earth would rejoice 
    with the dripping of sweet dew 
Everyone would live in harmony, 
    not by official decree, 
    but by their own inner goodness 
This world is nothing but the glory of Tao 
    expressed through different names and forms 
One who sees the things of this world 
    as being real and self-existent 
    has lost sight of the truth 
To him, every word becomes a trap 
    every thing becomes a prison 
One who knows the truth 
    that underlies all things 
    lives in this world without danger 
To him, every word reflects the universe 
    every moment brings enlightenment 
Rivers and streams are born of the ocean 
All creation is born of Tao 
Just as all water flows back to become the ocean 
All creation flows back to become Tao