Verse 27

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A knower of the Truth 
    travels without leaving a trace 
    speaks without causing harm 
    gives without keeping an account 
The door he shuts, though having no lock, 
    cannot be opened 
The knot he ties, though using no cord, 
    cannot be undone 
The Sage is always on the side of virtue 
    so everyone around him prospers 
He is always on the side of truth 
    so everything around him is fulfilled 
The path of the Sage is called 
    "The Path of Illumination" 
He who gives himself to this path 
    is like a block of wood 
    that gives itself to the chisel– 
Cut by cut it is honed to perfection 
Only a student who gives himself 
    can receive the master's gift 
If you think otherwise, 
    despite your knowledge, you have blundered 
Giving and receiving are one 
This is called 
    "The great wonder" 
    "The essential mystery" 
    "The very heart of all that is true"