Verse 31

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Even the finest warrior is defeated 
    when he goes against natural law 
By his own hand he is doomed 
    and all creatures are likely to despise him 
One who knows Tao 
    never turns from life's calling 
When at home he honours the side of rest 
When at war he honours the side of action 
Peace and tranquility are what he holds most dear 
    so he does not obtain weapons 
But when their use is unavoidable 
    he employs them with fortitude and zeal 
Do not flaunt your excellence 
Do not rejoice over victory 
With the loss of others 
    weep with sorrow and grief 
After winning a battle 
    do not celebrate, 
    observe the rights of a funeral 
One who is bound to action, proud of victory, 
    and delights in the misfortune of others 
will never gain a thing 
    from this world below Heaven