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What do you really want,
and how can you move towards it?

How would it feel to be in conversation with someone who:

  • helps you consider what you really want and how you can move towards it
  • believes that you can change
  • doesn’t claim to have all the answers for you
  • cares and is interested
  • holds up a mirror for you to see where you are part of your own problem
  • trusts that you can find the answers you need through the power of a challenging but compassionate exploration?

If that sounds appealing, read on…

What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative, non-directive dialogue practice that seeks to bring about change through inquiry, authenticity and a focus on outcomes.

It's based on the belief that people are creative, resourceful and capable of change, and already have, or otherwise can find, answers to their challenges.

I trained in a coaching style called transformative coaching, which has a particular focus on exploring the inner world of beliefs, assumptions, values and expectations. Read more about what makes a good coach

Who can benefit?

Coaching is of most benefit to those who are:

  • Mentally well and robust
  • Broadly ready and able to change
  • Seeking improvement and growth
  • Focused on achieving outcomes
  • Willing to engage in self-exploration
  • Open-minded as to what might be holding them back

Coaching vs mentoring, teaching, therapy and counselling

Coaching can be distinguished from mentoring and teaching (where the mentor/teacher is typically an expert in the subject and actively offers advice), and therapy and counselling (where the focus is typically on emotional challenges in the past or present, rather than achieving a vision for the future). It's possible to benefit from coaching whilst also working with a mentor, teacher, therapist or counsellor.

Interested in working together?

I offer an initial free half-hour exploratory call, so we can see if we are well-suited to one another.

All being well, typically we'd then meet for an hour every other week via Zoom for an initial run of four sessions across two months.

I ask you to book and pay for four sessions at a time. My rates vary according to your income:

  • Under £25k/year: four sessions for £100 (£25/hour, max four sessions at this rate)
  • £25k – £50k/year: four sessions for £200 (£50/hour)
  • Over £50k/year: four sessions for £400 (£100/hour)

I would expect you to attend sessions on time and from a quiet place, free from distractions. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, I would not charge as long as you provide at least 24 hours notice.

Sessions are recorded (unless you request otherwise), with recordings shared with you confidentially shortly after each session for your reflection and review. I might occasionally ask your permission to share a recording with a supervisor.


Working with Stephen was something else. He held space for me to tap into a truly authentic and deeply honest version of myself, and guided me through a journey that really helped me understand my values and how to use them to make challenging life decisions at a key inflection point in my life. I felt so "seen" by Stephen whenever we spoke: he both allowed me to be my complete self whilst also challenging me on some of the stories I was telling myself. I'd highly recommend Stephen as a coach and truly think he's one of the best people to have by your side through the ups the downs of life.