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Listen to SBF: Arbitrage, A Quant Fund, And Serum’s Ascent now.

Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts SBF, the CEO of FTX and Alameda Research. The two cover SBF's journey in creating Alameda Research, engag...

DeFi podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 18 Oct

EP82 Hanzi Freinacht on Building a Metamodern Future

In a wide-ranging all-new episode, Hanzi Freinacht talks to Jim about the dynamics of political metamodernism & commonalities with Gameb, our meta-...

Hanzi Freinacht governance metamodernism metamodern @Spotify

Spotify · 6 Oct

Listen to "Fair Launch is a New Way for Founders to Express Themselves:" Gavin McDermott of IDEO CoLab now.

Hello Defiers! In this week’s interview, I spoke with Gavin McDermott. He's an investor at IDEO CoLab Ventures, the venture arm of design firm IDEO...

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Spotify · 6 Oct

How To Make Love With Life — with Crystal Dawn Morris

How do we open, surrender, and show up fully in life? And what does it mean to be spiritually awake? Despite common misperceptions, it doesn't requ...


Spotify · 2 Oct

Listen to Andre Cronje of Yearn Finance on YFI and the Fair Launch: 'I'm Lazy' - Ep.190 now.

Andre Cronje, the developer of, talks about all things DeFi and the past, present, and future of yEarn. In this episode, he discusses...

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Spotify · 26 Sep

Listen to 'It doesn't need me:''s Andre Cronje on the protocol's path to decentralization now.

In the fast-paced world of decentralized finance, the people behind the protocols are sometimes just as captivating as the protocols themselves.  T...

DeFi governance @Spotify

Spotify · 26 Sep

The End of Emerge (For Now)

I've decided to put this project on hold and dedicate myself more fully my work and training at the Monastic Academy. In this episode I share some ...

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Spotify · 26 Sep

Listen to E47| Civium & The Problem Of Civilization, w/ Jordan Hall now.

Jordan Hall is known to some as a rare sort of visionary, philosopher, and cultural change agent. He joins Tim for a hopeful dialogue about the p...


Spotify · 24 Sep

Listen to "After DeFi, it’s NFTs and DAOs. We're Gathering Tinder:" Jihoz of Axie Infinity now.

This week’s interview is with Jeff Zirlin, aka Jihoz, growth lead at Axie Infinity. Axie is a digital game built on Ethereum, which involves cute a...

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Spotify · 24 Sep

Listen to 28 - The Bull Case for DeFi | Vance Spencer now.

Episode: #28 August 31, 2020 ----- Tools from our sponsors to go bankless: Loopring - trade & pay on Ethereum w/ near-0 gas fees! (use "Bankless" ...

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Spotify · 24 Sep

Listen to 30 - Synthetix To Billions | Kain Warwick now.

Episode: #30 September 14, 2020 ----- Tools from our sponsors to go bankless: 🌐 UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS - GET A HUMAN READABLE CRYPTO DOMAIN 🌈 ZAPPER -...

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Spotify · 24 Sep

Listen to SotN#15 w/ Jordan Lyall - $MEME is Hot, Why EIP1559 Isn't Here, UNI: Buy, Sell, or Hold? now.

Episode: #31 September 21, 2020 ----- Tools from our sponsors to go bankless: 🌐 UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS - GET A HUMAN READABLE CRYPTO DOMAIN 🌈 ZAPPER -...

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Spotify · 24 Sep

Network Lifecycle Investing, Non Fungible Tokens & Digital Art, Jake Brukhman of CoinFund

Jake Brukhman is Founder of CoinFund which has been investing in blockchain since 2016. Through his unique experience in computer science, quantita...

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Spotify · 31 Aug

Listen to "It's not just about money; it's touching a very primal desire to connect with others:" ParaFi's Santiago Roel now.

Santiago Roel is partner at ParaFi Capital, one of the most active investment funds in DeFi. Before going full crypto, Santiago worked at JPMorgan’...

DeFi crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 31 Aug

Listen to "What We're Building is Very Big and We Should Have The Least Concentration Possible:" Aave's Stani Kulechov now.

Stani Kulechov the founder and CEO of Aave. When we spoke Aave was the second-largest DeFi protocol, but in the days after our conversation, it ros...

DeFi @Spotify

Spotify · 31 Aug

Listen to Cory Doctorow: Reviving the Cypherpunk in All of Us now.

Cory Doctorow is a blogger, author, and podcaster known for being cypherpunk and activist. For over two decades, he has been a central figure in th...

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Spotify · 31 Aug

033 Richard D. Bartlett – Small Social Experiments and Macro-Scale Social Transformation

Social entrepreneur and community innovator Richard D. Bartlett joins Terry to explore the dynamics, challenges and potentials of conscious communi...


Spotify · 31 Aug

Listen to Homebound: Decentralizing the Power of Healing with Dr. RUPA MARYA /169 now.

For The Wild presents Homebound as an offering of curated episodes from the archives intended to share perspective and guidance in the midst of a t...

Covid-19 podcast sovereignty @Spotify

Spotify · 31 Aug

The Ecology of Perception – David Abram

In this interview, cultural ecologist and philosopher David Abram discusses the animism, power, and potency of the living world. In our current mom...

podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 21 Aug

Listen to 14: Rabble: Decentralisation & Disaster now.

In this episode Jamie talks with Evan Henshaw Plath, aka @rabble ( , about how he sees the world during and after Covid-...

Covid-19 @Spotify

Spotify · 21 Aug

Jim Rutt "An Invitation to Game B"

Playing for Team Human, complexity theorist, host of the Jim Rutt Podcast series, and former chairman the Santa Fe Institute, Jim Rutt.Rutt shares ...

Covid-19 podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 21 Aug

Listen to Nora Bateson - How To Heal a Disintegrating Society now.

We invited Nora Bateson back on the show for another sensemaking conversation. Nora Bateson is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, educator, and th...

Future Thinkers @Spotify

Spotify · 21 Aug

Listen to 13: How To Hack The Epistemic Crisis, with Audrey Tang now.

In this episode, we meet up with Audrey Tang, Taiwan's Digital Minister, to discuss how Taiwan eliminated Covid-19 with only 7 deaths (https://www....

Covid-19 @Spotify

Spotify · 18 Aug

Listen to "In DeFi My Money is Actually Mine. It's a Beautiful Concept But it Comes With Responsibilities:" Andre Cronje now.

Andre Cronje is the developer of the yearn platform and YFI token. There’s this sort of mysticism around Andre: The solo genius builder who relentl...

DeFi @Spotify

Spotify · 12 Aug

Listen to "The World is Crying for the Tech We're Building But We're Nowhere Near Ready:" Aragon's Luis Cuende now.

This week’s interview is with Aragon co-founder Luis Cuende. Aragon is a platform for users to create their own decentralized autonomous organizati...

Aragon DAO crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 11 Aug

Empires and Politics in blockchain, Sunny Aggarwal of Cosmos Tendermint

We talk with Sunny, the lead researcher at Tendermint, and core contributor to Cosmos and Cosmos Hub as well as cofounder of Blockchain at Berkeley...

DeFi blockchain @Spotify

Spotify · 11 Aug

Listen to "We're at the Early Stages of a Truly Novel Structure That can Organize Humans and Money:" Olaf Carlson-Wee now.

In today’s episode, I speak with Polychain Capital founder Olaf Carlson-Wee. He was already telling Wired magazine about programmatic finance back ...

DeFi @Spotify

Spotify · 11 Aug

040 Daniel Thorson – Curiosity Meets Curiosity Meets Care

Monastic, community leader, and host of the Emerge podcast Daniel Thorson joins Terry for a tender, open-hearted, and spacious inquiry into what re...

podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 4 Aug

Courting the Wild Twin – Martin Shaw

As part of our recent series of online conversations with our contributors, mythologist and storyteller Dr. Martin Shaw joined us to read from his ...

podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 30 Jun

Listen to David Bohm: his life and ideas now.

A new film, Infinite Potential: The Life and Ideas of David Bohm – – has just been released for free online. In t...

physics Rupert Sheldrake David Bohm @Spotify

Spotify · 29 Jun

Robin Wall Kimmerer in Conversation with Robert Macfarlane

As part of our recent series of online offerings, the Emergence Magazine Book Club spent the month of April reading Robin Wall Kimmerer’s celebrate...

indigenous podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 4 Jun

EP51 Richard Bartlett on Self-Organizing Collaboration

Richard Bartlett talks to Jim about his experiences with decentralized work & organization, transitioning from game a to Gameb, models for financia...


Spotify · 30 Apr

James Lovelock "We Humans are a Good Thing"

Listen to this episode from Team Human on Spotify. Playing for Team Human today, author, centenarian, environmentalist, futurist, and scientist, Ja...

climate change @Spotify

Spotify · 11 Feb

Luis Cuede | Aragon

Listen to this episode from DAOcast on Spotify. “Because I think, today, a lot of the uncertainty around DAOs is that they cannot grow out of their...

Aragon blockchain DAO @Spotify

Spotify · 10 Feb

Dr. KIM TALLBEAR on Reviving Kinship and Sexual Abundance /157

Listen to this episode from For The Wild Podcast on Spotify. Intimacy and sexuality is the soil that gives rise to creativity, pleasure and regener...

indigenous soil podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 9 Feb

Listen to Rob Burbea - Emptiness, Postmodernism, and Sacred Participation now.

On this episode I'm joined once again by meditation teacher and author Rob Burbea. For this conversation Jamie Bristow and I talk with Rob about hi...

podcast amazon @Spotify

Spotify · 29 Jan

EP36 Hanzi Freinacht on Metamodernism

Hanzi Freinacht, political philosopher, historian, sociologist, & author has a wide-ranging talk with Jim that starts by exploring what postmod...

Hanzi Freinacht metamodernism @Spotify

Spotify · 26 Jan

The Future of the Emerge Podcast

A solo episode where Daniel shares his vision for the next turn in the inquiry of the Emerge podcast. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.f...

podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 24 Nov 2019

Dr. Jem Bendell - The Meaning and Joy of Inevitable Social Collapse

Today I'm speaking with Dr. Jem Bendell. Jem exploded onto the internet with the release of his 'Deep Adaptation' paper, which has been downloaded ...

podcast meaning Extinction Rebellion climate change @Spotify

Spotify · 6 Oct 2019

Charles Eisenstein "Questioning Quantification" + Bretton [email protected] Keynote

Playing for Team Human today, Author and Gift Economy Advocate, Charles Eisenstein.Charles joins Team Human to share how he believes quantification...

Charles Eisenstein @Spotify

Spotify · 6 Oct 2019

In the Anthropocene

In the Anthropocene, a song by Nick Mulvey on Spotify


Spotify · 6 Oct 2019

Ronan Harrington - Extinction Rebellion: Collective Sacrifice and Metamodern Praxis

This week I'm speaking with Ronan Harrington about Extinction Rebellion. We talk about the strategic dilemmas of Extinction Rebellion, and how it f...

podcast Extinction Rebellion metamodern @Spotify

Spotify · 5 Oct 2019

Bonnitta Roy - Six Ways to Go Meta

Today on the show I'm speaking with Bonnitta Roy about her presentation 'Six Ways to Go Meta'. We cover such topics as what  it mean to ‘go meta’, ...

Jordan Greenhall podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 3 Oct 2019

125 - Stuart Kauffman on Physics, Life, and The Adjacent Possible

This week’s guest is living legend, transdisciplinary scientist-philosopher Stuart Kauffman, whose pioneering work on self-organization and the eme...

physics complex systems consciousness @Spotify

Spotify · 29 Sep 2019

Future Thinkers - Cultivating Human Sovereignty

Today on Emerge I’m speaking with Euvie Ivanova and Mike Gilliland, hosts of the Future Thinkers podcast. In this conversation we explore the conce...

podcast sovereignty consciousness Future Thinkers @Spotify

Spotify · 29 Sep 2019

FTP104: Retreat Center Vision & Other New Projects

We’ve been diving deep into several projects lately - growing our courses, designing a brand new meditation app, starting the global Future Thinker...

podcast meaning Future Thinkers @Spotify

Spotify · 29 Sep 2019

Phoebe Tickell on Systems Change, Courage, and Apocalypse - E62

In this episode Amisha meets complex systems designer, social entrepreneur and educator Phoebe Tickell. Together they explore what it means to brid...

complex systems @Spotify

Spotify · 14 Sep 2019

Max Semenchuk | DGOV | Commons Stack | EthSignals

“Sometimes the biggest value is not in the central node, which has most of the connections, but with the nodes who have unique connections.” Speak...

blockchain DAO @Spotify

Spotify · 10 Sep 2019

Dr. Peter Sjöstedt-H and Dr. Andrew Gallimore - Alien Information Theory Book Review

In this unique episode, Dr. Peter Sjöstedt-H joins together in conversation with Dr. Andrew Gallimore, Author of Alien Information Theory: Psychede...

metaphysics physics information theory DMT podcast consciousness psychedelics psychedelic @Spotify

Spotify · 7 Sep 2019

Daniel Schmachtenberger - Utopia or Bust: Designing a Non Self-Terminating Civilization

This week I'm speaking with Daniel Schmachtenberger. Daniel is a social engineer and evolutionary philosopher and strategist. He is the Founder of ...

Daniel Schmachtenberger podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 10 Aug 2019

State of the DAO Panel Discussion

This week I am joined by Danilo Vaz, Stratis Karad, Jocelyn, and Felipe Duarte to explore all things Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)....

Jordan Greenhall podcast teal DAO magic metamodern @Spotify

Spotify · 3 Aug 2019


Many people today seek an expansion of mind through the use of psychedelics. So what other worlds, intelligences and entities are being encountered...

Rupert Sheldrake consciousness psychedelics @Spotify

Spotify · 22 May 2019

The Jordan Peterson Effect

A new generation of celebrity gurus has arrived. The clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, the historian Yuval Noah Harari and the comedian Russel...

Rupert Sheldrake podcast amazon @Spotify

Spotify · 22 May 2019


What is magic? How does it relate to psi and animism? Is prayer a kind of magic? In the latest Sheldrake-Vernon Dialogue, the series of conversatio...

Rupert Sheldrake magic @Spotify

Spotify · 17 May 2019

James Balog on The Human Element

On this week’s episode, Ayana interviews world-renowned photographer James Balog on his newest film, The Human Element, which explores how elements...

water climate change @Spotify

Spotify · 12 May 2019

The Spaceship Earth - Episode 19 - Dan Burgess - River Rambles Part 1

A spontaneous ramble from the banks of the River Dart in Devon. Recorded mid April, this is a short reflection after spending 48hrs in the Devon la...

water @Spotify

Spotify · 11 May 2019

Miles Bukiet - Monasteries of the Future

Miles Bukiet joins Emerge this week to talk about his paper ‘Monasteries of the Future’.   We talk about the role of monasteries in the emerging fu...

podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 9 May 2019

Talking Afterlife Experiences | Elizabeth Krohn

This week, in what is probably one of my favourite ever episodes, we welcome to the show Elizabeth Krohn. Elizabeth, along with Dr Jeff Kripal, is ...


Spotify · 6 May 2019

Expanding Mind – Decriminalize Nature

Entheogenic and community activists Larry Norris and Kufikiri talk about the growing campaign to decriminalize entheogenic plant medicines within t...

psychedelics @Spotify

Spotify · 4 May 2019

John Vervaeke - The Meaning Crisis

Today's guest is John Vervaeke, PhD. John is an award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto in the departments of psychology, cognitive sci...

podcast meaning consciousness @Spotify

Spotify · 2 May 2019

Magic and the Machine — David Abram

David Abram is a cultural ecologist and philosopher. In this essay, he reflects on our undying urge to recreate a primal experience of intimacy wit...

magic @Spotify

Spotify · 2 May 2019

adrienne maree brown on Pleasure as Birthright/115

adrienne maree brown begins this week’s episode by asking, “If we were not ashamed of our pleasure, what would become possible? If we started to un...

adrienne maree brown capitalism podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 22 Apr 2019

FTP093: Douglas Rushkoff - Why Technology Needs to be on 'Team Human'

Our guest in the next two episodes is Douglas Rushkoff, a media theorist, lecturer, and author of Team Human, as well as a dozen other books on med...

meaning @Spotify

Spotify · 22 Apr 2019

Widening Circles — Joanna Macy

In this interview, Buddhist eco-philosopher Joanna Macy discusses her personal journey into the worlds of anti-nuclear activism, Buddhism, and deep...

Joanna Macy buddhism @Spotify

Spotify · 22 Apr 2019

FTP094: Douglas Rushkoff - Rethinking Transhumanism and Reuniting Humanity

In Part 2 of our interview with media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, we talk about transhumanism, the distrust in the corporate-run digital environment...

meaning @Spotify

Spotify · 22 Apr 2019

Miki Kasthan - The Inseparability of Psychological and Social Transformation

In this episode I’m speaking with Miki Kashtan. Through her work with Nonviolent Communication, movement building, and organization design, Miki sp...

podcast consciousness @Spotify

Spotify · 15 Apr 2019

Ep. 127 "All Hands On Deck" Extinction Rebellion with Gail Bradbrook and Clare Farrell

Gail Bradbrook and Clare Farrell leverage love and grief to build the Extinction Rebellion, a movement that demands immediate action on climate cha...

Extinction Rebellion climate change @Spotify

Spotify · 13 Apr 2019

Charles Eisenstein and Ian MacKenzie on The Age of Transition/112

Natures Nice Most of us know that our current economy does not play in our favor...Whe...

economics Charles Eisenstein consciousness @Spotify

Spotify · 12 Apr 2019

Zak Stein - A Metaphysics of Love for a Time Between Worlds

On this episode of Emerge I’m speaking with Zak Stein. Zak is a writer, educator, and futurist working to bring a greater sense of sanity and justi...

metaphysics podcast metamodern @Spotify

Spotify · 10 Apr 2019

FTP092: Rupert Sheldrake - Paradigm Shifts in Science and Experiments in Consciousness

We're excited to host Rupert Sheldrake in this episode, a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance. Besides getting ...

morphic resonance Rupert Sheldrake meaning consciousness @Spotify

Spotify · 7 Apr 2019

#152 — The Trouble with Facebook

In the episode of the Making Sense podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Roger McNamee about his book Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe. You ...

podcast @Spotify

Spotify · 6 Apr 2019

Episode 5 : Lucas Tauil de Freitas

> “I feel we’ll the see the creation of guilds, of circles of trust inside the DAOs, pretty much as we have political parties and NGOs on society. ...

governance @Spotify

FTP082: Charles Eisenstein - The New Story of Climate and Humanity (Part 2)

Our guest in this episode is Charles Eisenstein, the author of "Sacred Economics" and his most recent book "Climate: A New Story". Charles explores...

economics meaning Charles Eisenstein consciousness Future Thinkers climate crisis climate change psychedelics @Spotify

John Seed on Deep Ecological Identity/98

John Seed & Friends What could our reality look like if we had not grown up in a socie...

australia Joanna Macy rainforest water @Spotify

#146 — Digital Capitalism

In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Douglas Rushkoff about the state of the digital economy. You can support the Making Sense Po...

capitalism podcast @Spotify

FTP084: Kevin Kelly - What Technology Wants and The World of Superabundance

Today our guest is Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired magazine, former publisher of the Whole Earth Review, and author of many books, includ...

Future Thinkers @Spotify

FTP085: Kevin Kelly - AI Will Make Humans Better, Not Irrelevant

This is the second part of our interview with Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired magazine, former publisher of the Whole Earth Review, and a...

consciousness Future Thinkers @Spotify

Expanding Mind – Find the Others

Author and media scholar Douglas Rushkoff talks about collaborative technologies, silicon transhumanism, analog aura, the problem of the soul, and ...


Radical Dharma – angel Kyodo williams

In this in-depth interview, Reverend angel Kyodo williams reflects on our widespread crisis of story, the failure of institutional religions to off...


Expanding Mind – Visionary Permaculture

Culture-crafter and plant poet Delvin Solkinson discusses permaculture principles, OS Gaia, cartomancy, visionary art, design activation, and the G...

permaculture @Spotify

Wave Patterns – Aylie Baker

In this narrated essay, Aylie Baker reflects on her experiences sailing by canoe under Micronesian Master Navigator Sesario Sewralur and shows how ...


David Fuller : Rebel Wisdom, The Intellectual Dark Web & The Future of Media

 Today's guest is David Fuller, founder of Rebel Wisdom.  We talk about Jordan Peterson, the inspiration (and synchronicities) behind the founding...

podcast Rebel Wisdom @Spotify

FTP090: Joe Brewer - Rites of Passage For Cultural Evolution

Our guest in this episode is Joe Brewer, Executive Director at the Center for Applied Cultural Evolution. Joe is a complexity researcher, cognitive...

meaning climate change @Spotify

Check-in & Update

No guest today, instead a short check-in and update about Emerge and the life of Daniel.  --- Support this podcast:

podcast @Spotify

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