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Corona: A Tale of Two Systems. Part Two.

The lock down won’t go on forever. Digital naturalism - using technology to converse with the natural world, and discover a greater intelligence th...

Covid-19 @Emerge

Emerge · 17 Apr 2020

Corona: A Tale of Two Systems. Part One

Huddled in our homes, we are experiencing two very different kinds of systems. One at risk of collapse, the other ancient, resilient and based on p...


Emerge · 16 Apr 2020

COVID-19: A War Broke Out In Heaven

History is unfolding in real time. This is it: we have arrived at the end of the world. Finally. Now we can start to build a new one. This is our c...

Covid-19 @Emerge

Emerge · 29 Mar 2020

Think Slow: Cultivating Deeper Awareness In A Time Of Crisis

Going inward and working with, understanding, and just ‘being' with our thoughts and feelings allows us to cultivate the ability to respond to situ...

climate crisis @Emerge

Emerge · 25 Feb 2020

The Politics of Waking Up 8: Relationship As The Rebel Act

Personal and social disconnection is at the heart of the system destroying our planet.

capitalism @Emerge

Emerge · 19 Nov 2019

The Politics of Waking Up 7: Everyone Has a Story

We need a new story. How many times have you heard that recently? Too often this call to action ignores what people's hearts are really yearning for.


Emerge · 13 Nov 2019

The Politics of Waking Up 6: Where Is We?

Our current political system means that we give away our power to tiny numbers of people who decide how to run our world. Are we seeing the conditi...


Emerge · 4 Nov 2019

Dear White People

The notion of indigeneity is a product of white frames of knowing. You don’t have to travel far in order to be indigenous. To avoid reproducing exc...

indigenous indigeneity @Emerge

Emerge · 4 Nov 2019

The Politics of Waking Up 5: What Counts as Spiritual?

From Extinction Rebellion to the Headspace app, a yearning for spiritual growth seems to be reentering our public discourse. How can we feed this a...

Extinction Rebellion @Emerge

Emerge · 25 Oct 2019

Reconnecting the Dots

Scientist and social entrepreneur Phoebe Tickell is part of a new wave of climate activists applying a systems perspective to social change work.

complex systems @Emerge

Emerge · 20 Oct 2019

The Politics of Waking Up: Why We're Hooked on Our Own Self Destruction

We like to believe that we are autonomous, but advertising has hijacked our human needs so totally that we are destroying our planet.

water @Emerge

Emerge · 16 Oct 2019

The Politics of Waking Up: The Spirit in Politics

Part four of the Politics of Waking Up Series explores several theories of human development - what significance does Wilber or Maslow's model have...


Emerge · 16 Oct 2019

The Politics of Waking Up: Power and Possibility in the Fractal Age

In this series for Emerge Indra Adnan, founder of the Alternative UK, will be exploring what is emerging in politics at this crucial moment in huma...


Emerge · 16 Oct 2019

The Politics of Waking Up: What is ‘I’? Power and Agency in Politics

As the failures in our political systems become more and more obvious, we need to focus on creating a new internal ‘operating system’ for how we pe...


Emerge · 16 Oct 2019

Rise of the Emergentsia(2): Feeling ‘Gobschmacht’ Yet?

All empires collapse but today we are living the first global civilisation and witnessing its collapse in real-time. Daniel Schmachtenberger helps ...

Daniel Schmachtenberger @Emerge

Emerge · 21 Jul 2019

Do Psychedelics Hold the Key to Social Change?

Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, explains how her psychedelic experiences helped to shape the genesis of the movement.

Extinction Rebellion psychedelics psychedelic @Emerge

Emerge · 28 Mar 2019