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To disrupt the flow of carbon into the atmosphere, we must disrupt the flow of money to coal, oil and gas

Very interesting New Yorker article from the veteran US climate campaigner Bill McKibben, the pioneer of the university disinvestment campaigns. H...

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UN issues 'bleak' warning that countries must increase carbon-cutting aims five fold to avoid climate chaos

Countries have procrastinated for too long and will need to increase their carbon-cutting efforts five fold to avoid climate chaos, the UN has warn...

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Ardern says New Zealand on 'right side of history' as MPs pass zero-carbon bill

Centre-right opposition National party throws support behind the legislation that has been applauded around the globe

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Politician shuts down heckler with 'OK, Boomer' while calling for environmental reform

New Zealand PM Chlöe Swarbrick reminded the Olds that the younger generations will bear the brunt of climate change.

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Cambridge accepts £6m Shell donation for oil extraction research

Cambridge Zero Carbon says university has been ‘hijacked’ by fossil fuel industry


Thawing permafrost turns Arctic into net source of carbon, study finds

The Arctic is home to vast swathes of permafrost which lock in large amounts of carbon and stop it from being emitted into the atmosphere and contr...

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Britain is G7's biggest net importer of CO2 emissions per capita, says ONS

Fall in UK-produced emissions has been offset by those from increase in imported products

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Guardian Media Group becomes first major news organisation to become a B Corporation and pledges to reach net zero emissions by 2030

Guardian Media Group (GMG) today announces it is to become a B Corporation - making it the first major international news organisation to achieve B...


Bank of England boss says global finance is funding 4C temperature rise

Mark Carney says capital markets are financing projects likely to fuel a catastrophic rise in global heating

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Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions

New data shows how fossil fuel companies have driven climate crisis despite industry knowing dangers

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Renewable electricity overtakes fossil fuels in UK for first time

New offshore windfarms opening in third quarter mark milestone towards zero carbon


$1m a minute: the farming subsidies destroying the world - report

‘Perverse’ payments must be redirected to measures such as capturing carbon, report says

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Arctic wildfires spew soot and smoke cloud bigger than EU

Plume from unprecedented blazes forecast to reach Alaska as fires rage for third month

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How Blockchain Could Create Incentives to Protect the Environment

According to Dr. John Henry Clippinger, Research Scientist at MIT Media Lab, City Sciences Group and co-founder of Token Commons Foundation, the wo...

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This is how trees could help solve the climate crisis

Most strategies for tackling climate change focus on reducing future emissions. Reforestation could help deal with the hundreds of gigatonnes of ca...

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Planting Billions of Trees Is the 'Best Climate Change Solution Available Today,' Study Finds

Planting more than 500 billion trees could remove around 25 percent of existing carbon from the atmosphere, a new study has found.

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'Unprecedented' Wildfires Are Burning Across the Arctic Circle

More than 100 wildfires in the Arctic Circle released 50 megatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in June. They're still burning.

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Tree planting 'has mind-blowing potential' to tackle climate crisis

Research shows a trillion trees could be planted to capture huge amount of carbon dioxide

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Flying is more than twice as damaging to climate than previously thought

The trails left by planes in the sky have a more damaging effect on the climate than all the carbon dioxide ever emitted from their engines, a stud...


Finland pledges to become carbon neutral by 2035

New left-leaning government sets ambitious target as it plans major rise in public spending

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Latest data shows steep rises in CO2 for seventh year

Readings from Hawaii observatory bring threshold of 450ppm closer sooner than had been anticipated

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Finland to become carbon neutral by 2035

The new Finnish government has pledged to make the country carbon neutral by 2035, one of the fastest targets set around the world.


Costa Rica Aims To Be the World’s First Plastic- and Carbon-Free Country by 2021

As climate change accelerates and the oceans fill up with plastic, Costa Rica sets the bar for environmental action with a pledge to be carbon-neut...

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Humans Are Speeding Extinction and Altering the Natural World at an ‘Unprecedented’ Pace

A dire United Nations report, based on thousands of scientific studies, paints an urgent picture of biodiversity loss and finds that climate change...

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