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A peek into DAOs: Part 3 of 3

This is Part 3 in a three-part series. Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


Kevin Owocki | Layer Zero

Kevin Owocki is the leader behind the Gitcoin project, but he is also a husband, a father, an ultimate frisbee player, and a self-described hippie....

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YouTube · 30 Sep

How Crypto Can Be Good for the Environment | Klima DAO

Bankless Nation, meet Klima DAO, the carbon-backed digital currency and algorithmic climate protocol. Dionysus, Archimedes, and Oxylos join to dis...

DeFi podcast carbon DAO crypto @YouTube

YouTube · 21 Sep

Lowering barriers to DAO participation Kseniya Lifanova Austin Griffith

Crypto is hard to get into. No better topic for Kseniya from MetaGammaDelta, the women led DAO society and Austin Griffith, the zyzz of ethereum de...

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YouTube · 21 Sep

The Metaverse Emerges | David Reads

The metaverse has been a hot topic these days—on our recent podcast Raoul Pal defined it as “digital fluidity”. What is it exactly? Why is it impo...

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YouTube · 5 Sep

Crypto Governance: Why It CANNOT Be Ignored!! 🔮

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bitcoin ethereum DeFi governance blockchain DAO cryptocurrency crypto @YouTube

YouTube · 2 Sep

Can ETH Become DEFLATIONARY? EIP 1559 Explained

So what is EIP-1559 a.k.a the fee burn proposal all about? Will it lower Ethereum’s gas fees? And how can it make ETH deflationary? We’ll answer al...

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YouTube · 30 Aug

DAO Panel | Kain Warwick, CoopahTroopah, Tracheopteryx

Listen to this episode from Bankless on Spotify. DAOs are heating up. In 2021, the tools and infrastructure surrounding DAOs have taken off at an i...

DeFi podcast DAO crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 27 Aug

Updated Tutorial: Three 40+% APR Delta Neutral Mirror Protocol Plays—Win Whether Market Up or Down!

*Disclaimer: not advice. See more below* Farm 40+% APR with one of these delta neutral strategies on Mirror Protocol! By taking a long and short p...

DeFi crypto @YouTube

YouTube · 1 Aug

Move fast and bank things : Crypto-based 'DeFi' takes on Wall Street

The tech rebels behind 'decentralized finance' want to change the way the world borrows, lends, and saves. Can they pull it off?

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Fortune · 29 Jul

SEEDS: Beyond the Crypto Revolution is the Regenerative Renaissance

Episode 12 Part 2 of the Pathway to a Regenerative Civilization: How SEEDS fits into the Crypto Currency Landscape. If you've ever asked "how is ...

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YouTube · 24 Jul

Balaji Srinivasan: Balaji’s World | Crypto, China, Decentralized Creator Economy | The Quest S2:20

Welcome to The Quest Season 2: Episode 20 with Balaji Srinivasan: the former CTO of Coinbase holds nothing back in this 105-min adventure into the ...

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YouTube · 22 Jun

How Does THORCHAIN Work? DEFI Explained

So what is Thorchain all about? How does it work? And how does it make it possible to swap between native assets across different blockchains? You’...

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YouTube · 17 May

FACT CHECK: Bitcoin Mining is BAD For The Climate!? 🌎

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YouTube · 8 May

AMA with Scoopy Trooples of Alchemix

Listen to this episode from Bankless on Spotify. These are hosted the 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month, so mark your calendars, tune in, and ask qu...

DeFi podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 6 May


So what is the current state of decentralized finance? Where are we with different scaling solutions on Ethereum? How about DeFi on other chains? A...

ethereum DeFi cryptocurrency crypto @YouTube

YouTube · 8 Apr

Can cryptocurrencies help the planet? How to harness crypto for good

This article is the second in a two-part series on cryptocurrency and climate change. Read the first part, "Can cryptocurrency be climate conscious...

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UNISWAP V3 - New Era Of AMMs? Architecture Explained

So what is the long-awaited Uniswap V3 all about? How is it different from V2? Will this be a game-changer when it comes to the Automated Market Ma...

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YouTube · 24 Mar

POLYGON (MATIC) - Ethereum's Internet Of Blockchains Explained - Layer 2

So what is Polygon, previously Matic, all about? How will it help with scaling Ethereum? Why does it claim to be Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains...

ethereum DeFi cryptocurrency crypto

YouTube · 14 Mar

A Deep Dive into Terra and Anchor: The Reliable Savings Protocol

Built by the team at Terra, Anchor is a savings protocol that provides crypto natives, fintech companies, and regular investors a stable, high-yiel...

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"We Were Idiots and We Were Poor; Then From Mid 2020 to Now, Suddenly, We're Right: " Ameen Soleimani

Listen to this episode from The Defiant on Spotify. In this week’s episode I interview Ameen Soleimani, one of the most prolific builders in Ether...

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Spotify · 6 Mar

🎙️ Around the Block with Niran Babalola | Episode #5 | Presented by Blockzero Labs

Listen to this episode from Around the Block | Presented by Blockzero Labs on Spotify. Around the Block is Presented by Blockzero Labs, a decentral...

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Spotify · 6 Mar

The Defiant guide to DeFi Indexes - Be Like Buffett

Join Our Telegram: After all, if it’s good enough for the Oracle of Omaha… might there be something here for us? In this ...

DeFi blockchain crypto @YouTube

YouTube · 13 Feb

Listen to Taking Crypto Mainstream: Do Kwon Covering Terra, Mirror and Anchor now.

Delphi Digital analyst Jonathan Erlich hosts Do Kwon, Co-Founder and CEO of Terraform Labs, to discuss all things Terra. The conversation dives int...

bitcoin podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 9 Feb

Listen to ROLLUP: 4th Week of January ($GME, Robinhood RANT, WHY WE DEFI) now.


bitcoin ethereum DeFi podcast blockchain crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 29 Jan

Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi (BITCOIN GIVEAWAY) [feat. EpicLloyd, TimDeLaGhetto]

subscribe: Alexander Hamilton and Satoshi Nakamoto engage in a battle rap debate o...

bitcoin cryptocurrency crypto @YouTube

YouTube · 4 Jan

Crypto Theses for 2021 with Balaji Srinivasan

Balajis and Ryan discuss the state of crypto, attack vectors against bitcoin, and "the network state" following the release of Messari's Crypto The...

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YouTube · 3 Jan

Listen to 41 - Crypto-Civilization | Balaji Srinivasan now.


bitcoin DeFi podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 2 Jan

Listen to 33 - Slaying Moloch | Ameen Soleimani & Kevin Owocki now.


ethereum DeFi podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 29 Dec 2020

95 Theses

Crypto thoughts on 2021 from the dark place under your feet


Listen to ROLLUP: 3rd Week of December now.


bitcoin ethereum DeFi governance podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 25 Dec 2020

A DAO Masterclass with Aaron Wright

Chain Reaction Host Jose Maria Macedo hosts Aaron Wright, cofounder of OpenLaw, The LAO and now Flamingo DAO. Aaron is a professor at Cardozo Law S...

bitcoin ethereum governance podcast DAO crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 25 Dec 2020

Listen to 42 - The Global Game of Crypto | Bruno Maçães now.


DeFi governance podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 8 Dec 2020

Dan Elitzer: Nascent & Empty Set Dollar


DeFi podcast crypto

YouTube · 23 Nov 2020

Social Tokens: plague or paradigm shift? The answer might surprise you.

Social Tokens... very few token types elicit such a strong reaction amongst the cryptoscenti. From $HUE to $COIN to $JAMM a new wave of experimenta...

crypto @YouTube

YouTube · 21 Nov 2020

Listen to "When Incentives Are Gone, What's Left? DeFi Gets Mixed Marks:" Sam Bankman-Fried now.

In this week’s interview, I speak with Sam Bankman-Fried, co-founder and CEO of crypto liquidity provider Alameda Research and derivatives exchange...

DeFi blockchain crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 10 Nov 2020

Listen to SBF: Arbitrage, A Quant Fund, And Serum’s Ascent now.

Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts SBF, the CEO of FTX and Alameda Research. The two cover SBF's journey in creating Alameda Research, engag...

bitcoin ethereum DeFi podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 18 Oct 2020

Listen to "Fair Launch is a New Way for Founders to Express Themselves:" Gavin McDermott of IDEO CoLab now.

Hello Defiers! In this week’s interview, I spoke with Gavin McDermott. He's an investor at IDEO CoLab Ventures, the venture arm of design firm IDEO...

DeFi crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 6 Oct 2020

Listen to Andre Cronje of Yearn Finance on YFI and the Fair Launch: 'I'm Lazy' - Ep.190 now.

Andre Cronje, the developer of, talks about all things DeFi and the past, present, and future of yEarn. In this episode, he discusses...

bitcoin ethereum DeFi governance blockchain meaning DAO cryptocurrency crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 26 Sep 2020

Listen to 28 - The Bull Case for DeFi | Vance Spencer now.

Episode: #28 August 31, 2020 ----- Tools from our sponsors to go bankless: Loopring - trade & pay on Ethereum w/ near-0 gas fees! (use "Bankless" ...

ethereum DeFi podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 24 Sep 2020

Listen to 30 - Synthetix To Billions | Kain Warwick now.

Episode: #30 September 14, 2020 ----- Tools from our sponsors to go bankless: 🌐 UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS - GET A HUMAN READABLE CRYPTO DOMAIN 🌈 ZAPPER -...

ethereum DeFi podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 24 Sep 2020

Listen to SotN#15 w/ Jordan Lyall - $MEME is Hot, Why EIP1559 Isn't Here, UNI: Buy, Sell, or Hold? now.

Episode: #31 September 21, 2020 ----- Tools from our sponsors to go bankless: 🌐 UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS - GET A HUMAN READABLE CRYPTO DOMAIN 🌈 ZAPPER -...

DeFi podcast crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 24 Sep 2020

Introducing the DeFi Pulse Index on TokenSets

The DeFi Pulse Index is now available for purchase on TokenSets!

ethereum DeFi crypto @Medium

Medium · 15 Sep 2020

Listen to "It's not just about money; it's touching a very primal desire to connect with others:" ParaFi's Santiago Roel now.

Santiago Roel is partner at ParaFi Capital, one of the most active investment funds in DeFi. Before going full crypto, Santiago worked at JPMorgan’...

DeFi crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 31 Aug 2020

Listen to Cory Doctorow: Reviving the Cypherpunk in All of Us now.

Cory Doctorow is a blogger, author, and podcaster known for being cypherpunk and activist. For over two decades, he has been a central figure in th...

bitcoin ethereum governance blockchain cryptocurrency crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 31 Aug 2020

Is DeFi Dead Already?

DeFi (decentralized finance) is a revolution, but all uprisings can implode with the smallest of hitch or get crushed by the boot of the establishe...

bitcoin ethereum DeFi crypto

Forbes · 22 Aug 2020

DeFi 101: The Case for Open Finance

Digital assets and open networks offer a better alternative to the way money and value has traditionally been transacted. Banks and legacy financia...

DeFi amazon crypto

YouTube · 18 Aug 2020

Listen to "The World is Crying for the Tech We're Building But We're Nowhere Near Ready:" Aragon's Luis Cuende now.

This week’s interview is with Aragon co-founder Luis Cuende. Aragon is a platform for users to create their own decentralized autonomous organizati...

Aragon DAO crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 11 Aug 2020

What Is Yield Farming? The Rocket Fuel of DeFi, Explained

If all these terms ("DeFi," "liquidity mining," "yield farming," "COMP token") are so much Greek to you, fear not. We're here to catch you up.

bitcoin ethereum DeFi governance crypto

CoinDesk · 6 Aug 2020

The sorry state of crypto UX

If we think mainstream users are going to use any of this, we have drunk too much kool aid. We need to take a 180-degree turn in our priorities

Covid-19 crypto

Earn up to 5.9% interest yearly.

Supercharge your savings by lending your assets to others who are prepared to pay high interest for it. While they are paying for the loan, you ear...


Power Mango · 31 Oct 2019

Building equitable circular societies

Applying human-centred circular principles, tax shifts and crypto-currencies to better design our societies.

blockchain cryptocurrency crypto @Medium

Medium · 22 Oct 2019

Behold Libra, the global cryptocurrency masterminded by Facebook

Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook's crypto and Calibra wallet

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Quartz · 19 Jun 2019

Coinbase Card

Spend your crypto instantly with Coinbase Card.


coinbase · 17 May 2019

Building a hApp with Arthur Brock... in under 20 minutes!?!

"Crypto apps just aren't going to go mainstream until you can build one in an afternoon." That's what Ben Werdmüller said to Holochain Co-found...

crypto @YouTube

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