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Listen to "The World is Crying for the Tech We're Building But We're Nowhere Near Ready:" Aragon's Luis Cuende now.

This week’s interview is with Aragon co-founder Luis Cuende. Aragon is a platform for users to create their own decentralized autonomous organizati...

Aragon DAO crypto @Spotify

Spotify · 11 Aug 2020

Governing with Aragon

Aragon is governance software that runs on Web3, a new set of internet protocols enabling collaboration and ownership without central authorities.

Aragon governance

Bloom Network · 3 May 2020

Luis Cuede | Aragon

Listen to this episode from DAOcast on Spotify. “Because I think, today, a lot of the uncertainty around DAOs is that they cannot grow out of their...

bitcoin Aragon blockchain DAO @Spotify

Spotify · 10 Feb 2020

? Dandelion = ? MolochDAO + ? Aragon

1Hive recently received an [Aragon Nest grant]( to build Dandelion Orgs. What are Dandelion Orgs you migh...

Aragon DAO · 9 Dec 2019

The Aragon Manifesto

A pledge to fight for freedom


Introducing Aragon Fundraising

Aragon Fundraising, previously called Apiary, is an app built on top of Aragon, providing Aragon users an easy way to raise funds through an emerge...

ethereum Aragon

Aragon Fundraising & the return of the commons

In a few months, Aragon Fundraising [] will be online and on main-net. This article aims to...

Aragon DAICO


Build unstoppable organizations on Ethereum

ethereum Aragon

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