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Beyond The Sklavenmoral Regime: The Übermensch

Freedom is a collective good in which your freedom is largely co-dependent upon mine and vice versa. This is probably the best way to understand fr...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 4 Apr 2020

Why Communism Failed

What went wrong with the Soviet Union and the com­munist revolution can hardly be said to hinge upon the wrongdoings or moral flaws of any single p...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 15 Feb 2020

Game Change, Yes Please

Neither game denial nor game accep­tance is a consciously held perspective. They are, of course, mis­takes we make because of unconscious biases an...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 8 Feb 2020

Stop Game Acceptance

Readers of a conservative bent have probably felt a streak of satis­faction reading my former post on game denial, while the radicals and liberals ...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 6 Feb 2020

Game Denial

Life is a game. Since we inhabit a world of limited resour­ces, our daily lives are full of zero-sum interactions where one party walks away with a...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 26 Jan 2020

Relative Utopia

In a way, we’re living in our ancestors’ utopia. If they could have wit­nessed our lives today, they probably wouldn’t have believed their eyes: al...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 19 Jan 2020

Attractors: The Guiding Stars of History’s Winners

What is the main difference between the winners and losers of history? Answer: Getting the attractors right.[i] Whereas the amateur studies how the...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 16 Jan 2020

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