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Consent is Psychedelic. Here’s Why.

What do you think about when you hear the word “consent”? I think about communication, permission, compassion, freedom, agency, respect, awareness,

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Conscious Capitalism is an Alibi and an Apology for Our Existing Paradigm

Conscious capitalism is an alibi and an apology for our existing paradigm. It's a paradox that doesn't work. Read on in Alnoor Ladha's feature for DB.

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DoubleBlind Mag · 18 Jun 2020

What’s Lost When Psychedelic Mushrooms Become Synthetic Psilocybin

For research in the United States, volunteers typically get the synthetic version of psychedelics. Does that matter?

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DoubleBlind · 13 Nov 2019

Play Parties and Psychedelics: Magic or Mistake?

Thanks to the sex positivity movement, play parties, or sex parties, are no longer confined to Eyes Wide Shut elite or the swinger scene. They’re t...

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DoubleBlind · 5 Nov 2019