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Coronavirus crisis could cause $25tn fossil fuel industry collapse

Value of reserves could fall by two-thirds as Covid-19 hastens peak in demand, study shows

Covid-19 coronavirus economics

Pandemic: A New Story, Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is one of the most celebrated writers and speakers about the intersection of systems change and personal growth, in his books in...

economics podcast Charles Eisenstein Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 11 Apr

Amsterdam to embrace 'doughnut' model to mend post-coronavirus economy

Dutch officials and British economist to use guide to help city thrive in balance with planet

Covid-19 coronavirus economics

Corona: Seven Ways to Smash the Curve Now

Everyone knows they need to act now to stop the coronavirus.

coronavirus economics @Medium

Medium · 8 Apr

Coronavirus sparks support for Universal Basic Income in unlikely places

A conservative senator is calling for every American to get a $1,000 check to cover costs during the coronavirus.

Covid-19 coronavirus economics

Quartz · 17 Mar

Can regenerative economics & mainstream business mix?

Or, is it even possible to create regenerative businesses in a degenerative economic system?

economics climate change @Medium

Medium · 17 Jan

Deep Adaptation Q&A with Charles Eisenstein hosted by Jem Bendell

Charles' website is under construction right now, so check out Discover more at http:...

economics Charles Eisenstein

YouTube · 18 Dec 2019

Could this local experiment be the start of a national transformation?

One London borough has been bringing people together to work, socialise and dream, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot


The Guardian · 17 Dec 2019

‘But How Is Labour Going to Pay for That?’ to Answer Effectively We Must Talk Politics, Not Economics

How should we answer the question that haunts the Labour party? Politically, on our own terms and by rooting it in peoples’ lived experience, argue...

economics Labour @Novara Media

Novara Media · 26 Nov 2019

Climate Chaos and Extinction Rebellion | Paul Mason

Commentator and author of Postcapitalism, Paul Mason explains who the biggest enemy of protest movements today is from Extinction Rebellion, to Bla...

economics podcast Extinction Rebellion @YouTube

YouTube · 16 Nov 2019

The 2020s are set to be an economic turning point, says global banking giant

The next decade is likely to see higher prices and interest rates and a reversal of globalisation, but also a reduction in inequality and increased...

australia economics

ABC News · 13 Nov 2019

Sci-Fi Economics Lab

Top-notch science fiction authors and economists get economic thinking out of its current box


Indiegogo · 19 Oct 2019

Bank of England boss says global finance is funding 4C temperature rise

Mark Carney says capital markets are financing projects likely to fuel a catastrophic rise in global heating

economics carbon climate change

The Guardian · 19 Oct 2019

How a game of musical chairs can help explain our broken economy

Except if you don't get a chair, you lose your house, your kids go hungry, and you don't get medical care.

economics capitalism Charles Eisenstein

Quartz · 3 Sep 2019

The Dai Stablecoin is a Game Changer for Ethereum and the Entire Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

In later December of 2017, the company Maker released their long-awaited system for a decentralized stablecoin named “Dai”. Dai is an…

economics blockchain cryptocurrency @Medium

Medium · 21 Aug 2019

What is Emerging? Episode 1 - DOING: WE CREATE REALITY

[Turn on subtitles] EMERGE PRESENTS What is Emerging? | A video series in three parts. A This is not the truth and What Took You So Long? produ...

Bayo Akomolafe economics Fritjof Capra Future Thinkers @YouTube

YouTube · 30 May 2019

Charles Eisenstein and Ian MacKenzie on The Age of Transition/112

Natures Nice Most of us know that our current economy does not play in our favor...Whe...

economics Charles Eisenstein consciousness @Spotify

Spotify · 12 Apr 2019

FTP082: Charles Eisenstein - The New Story of Climate and Humanity (Part 2)

Our guest in this episode is Charles Eisenstein, the author of "Sacred Economics" and his most recent book "Climate: A New Story". Charles explores...

economics meaning Charles Eisenstein consciousness Future Thinkers climate crisis climate change psychedelics @Spotify

Green Economics: An Introduction to Theory, Policy and Practice by Molly Scott Cato

Green Economics book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The world as we know it needs a new economics. Climate change,...

economics climate change @Goodreads

Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition by Charles Eisenstein

Sacred Economics book. Read 165 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient g...

economics Charles Eisenstein @Goodreads

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