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059 Bill Plotkin – The Descent to Soul and the Journey of Initiation

Ecopsychologist, wilderness guide and author Bill Plotkin joins Terry to consider the human crisis as essentially a crisis of immaturity — that tru...

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Spotify · 21 Jan

Full Film - Infinite Potential: The Life and Ideas of David Bohm

The Fetzer Memorial Trust presents for FREE the feature film documentary "Infinite Potential: The Life and Ideas of David Bohm". “Infinite Potenti...

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YouTube · 28 Jun 2020

An Ancient Virus May Be Responsible for Human Consciousness

You've got an ancient virus in your brain. In fact, you've got an ancient virus at the very root of your conscious thought.

consciousness · 5 Apr 2020

What you'd spend to prevent climate change — and what you could get with your money

On average, Australians are willing to chip in an extra $200 a year to prevent climate change. It turns out that money could go a long way.

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ABC News · 6 Jan 2020

Ram Dass, Beloved Spiritual Teacher, Has Died

The American spiritual leader, yogi, counterculture icon, and Be Here Now author has died. He was 88.

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Dude, where’s my paradigm shift?

People have been heralding a new paradigm to replace materialism for over 140 years. Why hasn’t it happened? I asked some leading thinkers.

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Medium · 26 Oct 2019

Culture is Not Your Friend - Terence McKenna

Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, 1946 -- April 3, 2000) was an American ethnobotanist, philosopher, psychonaut, researcher, teacher, lecturer and...

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YouTube · 23 Oct 2019

IX: A Very Brief History of Materialism

Introduction to the reading of Hegel's Logic, with a brief summary of materialist philosophy leading up Hegel's dialectics

materialism consciousness · 9 Oct 2019

125 - Stuart Kauffman on Physics, Life, and The Adjacent Possible

This week’s guest is living legend, transdisciplinary scientist-philosopher Stuart Kauffman, whose pioneering work on self-organization and the eme...

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Spotify · 29 Sep 2019

Future Thinkers - Cultivating Human Sovereignty

Today on Emerge I’m speaking with Euvie Ivanova and Mike Gilliland, hosts of the Future Thinkers podcast. In this conversation we explore the conce...

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Spotify · 29 Sep 2019

Dr. Peter Sjöstedt-H and Dr. Andrew Gallimore - Alien Information Theory Book Review

In this unique episode, Dr. Peter Sjöstedt-H joins together in conversation with Dr. Andrew Gallimore, Author of Alien Information Theory: Psychede...

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Spotify · 7 Sep 2019

Dr. Peter Sjöstedt-H and Dr. Andrew Gallimore - Alien Information Theory

These two Englishmen discuss Peter's critique of Dr. Gallimore's recent book Alien Information Theory. Peter wrote a critique of this book that was...

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Facebook · 21 Aug 2019

Holonomic brain theory

Holonomic brain theory is a branch of neuroscience investigating the idea that human consciousness is formed by quantum effects in or between brain...

David Bohm consciousness · 1 Jul 2019

Consciousness and psychedelics | Peter Sjostedt-H | TEDxTruro

Philosopher of mind Peter Sjöstedt-H discusses the hidden impact psychedelics have had on philosophy and asks if such extreme, altered modes of min...

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YouTube · 1 Jun 2019


Many people today seek an expansion of mind through the use of psychedelics. So what other worlds, intelligences and entities are being encountered...

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Spotify · 22 May 2019

Celtic Christianity And Nature: Sheldrake-Vernon Dialogue 47

Anxiety about the natural world is high and with good reason. Surprisingly, perhaps, the earliest days of Christianity in the British Isles have so...

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YouTube · 17 May 2019

Honouring Polly Higgins: Jojo Mehta & Gail Bradbrook

The talk Polly was scheduled to give at the Findhorn Climate Change & Consciousness Conference 2019, becomes a fitting tribute to (and update on) h...

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YouTube · 8 May 2019

The Science Delusion 2019: Bridport Literary & Scientific Institute

The Science Delusion / Science Set Free 2013 Book of the...

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YouTube · 4 May 2019

John Vervaeke - The Meaning Crisis

Today's guest is John Vervaeke, PhD. John is an award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto in the departments of psychology, cognitive sci...

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Spotify · 2 May 2019

Miki Kasthan - The Inseparability of Psychological and Social Transformation

In this episode I’m speaking with Miki Kashtan. Through her work with Nonviolent Communication, movement building, and organization design, Miki sp...

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Spotify · 15 Apr 2019

Charles Eisenstein and Ian MacKenzie on The Age of Transition/112

Natures Nice Most of us know that our current economy does not play in our favor...Whe...

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Spotify · 12 Apr 2019

FTP092: Rupert Sheldrake - Paradigm Shifts in Science and Experiments in Consciousness

We're excited to host Rupert Sheldrake in this episode, a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance. Besides getting ...

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Spotify · 7 Apr 2019

FTP082: Charles Eisenstein - The New Story of Climate and Humanity (Part 2)

Our guest in this episode is Charles Eisenstein, the author of "Sacred Economics" and his most recent book "Climate: A New Story". Charles explores...

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FTP085: Kevin Kelly - AI Will Make Humans Better, Not Irrelevant

This is the second part of our interview with Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired magazine, former publisher of the Whole Earth Review, and a...

consciousness Future Thinkers @Spotify

Ep. 1 - Awakening from the Meaning Crisis - Introduction

New videos released every Friday. List of Books in the Video: •Michael Anderson - After Phrenology: Neural Reuse and the Interactive Brain •Barr...

meaning consciousness @YouTube

Ken Wilber: The Intellectual Dark Web, an Integral Conversation?

What is the Intellectual Dark Web, and what does its emergence signify? It's the name given to a group of alternative media personalities - from Jo...

Ken Wilber consciousness Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness by Alan W. Watts

The Joyous Cosmology book. Read 70 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts’s exploration of the ...

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Breaking Convention: Essays on Psychedelic Consciousness by Cameron Adams

Breaking Convention book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Breaking Convention--a collection of essays and articles from th...

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Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness by Frederic Laloux

Reinventing Organizations book. Read 293 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. FROM THE BACKCOVERThe way we manage organizations ...

consciousness @Goodreads

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