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Supercharge your community governance & coordinate globally with Open Enterprise on Ethereum Mainnet

Coordination problems are at the core of our inability to address humanity’s greatest challenges. Currently, our efforts to construct effective res...

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Introducing Polis

The world's next prevalent economic and governance system is already sprouting from the current one. With Polis we are helping its evolution along ...


I never expected to go viral just for saying billionaires shouldn’t exist

A tiny percentage of people have become super rich at the expense of everyone else. Who can argue that is right? asks Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle

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Towards Complex Governance Systems

This Context Paper was written in the context of my work as part of the DGOV (Distributed Governance) Foundation where we are developing a…

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The nine planetary boundaries

Advances the understanding of complex social-ecological systems with new insights into ecosystem management practices and long-term sustainability


Episode 5 : Lucas Tauil de Freitas

> “I feel we’ll the see the creation of guilds, of circles of trust inside the DAOs, pretty much as we have political parties and NGOs on society. ...

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Crashing the tax avoidance party | Stephen Reid

Stephen Reid: We gave former HMRC boss Dave Hartnett an award for services to tax avoidance – but his activities represent a far deeper problem


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