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'You can't escape the smell': mouse plague grows to biblical proportions across eastern Australia

Locals who have endured months of mice and rats getting into their houses, stores and cars are praying heavy rain will help wipe them outWarning: g...

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'First Americans were Australian'

The first Americans were descended from Australian aborigines, according to evidence in a new BBC documentary.

australia · 13 Dec 2020

Nick Tree

Custodian of indigenous Australian song line law custom and plant knowledge. Nick Tree has worked for over 20 years with a number of…

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Medium · 13 Dec 2020

Huge Crowds Around the Globe March in Solidarity Against Police Brutality

Tens of thousands turned out in Australia, Britain, France, Germany and other nations in support of U.S. protests against the death of George Floyd...


Governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company

Surgisphere, whose employees appear to include a sci-fi writer and adult content model, provided database behind Lancet and New England Journal of ...

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The Guardian · 4 Jun 2020

Rio Tinto blasts 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site to expand iron ore mine

Mining company was given permission to blast Juukan Gorge cave, which provided a 4,000-year-old genetic link to present-day traditional owners

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The Guardian · 28 May 2020

Britain criticised around the world for 'complacent' and 'calamitous' coronavirus response

As British death toll becomes the worst in Europe, criticism of the UK approach is being voiced around the globe

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The Telegraph · 10 May 2020

Let's talk about the art of living and dying well

As an oncologist I have a window into how people contemplate their mortality. Is there such thing as a better death?


The Guardian · 31 Mar 2020

Cosmo-localization': can thinking globally and producing locally really save our planet?

Fablabs, makerspaces, emerging global knowledge commons... These are but some of the outcomes of a growing movement that champions globally-sourced...

australia · 29 Mar 2020

The End of Australia as We Know It

What many of us have witnessed this fire season feels alive and monstrous. With climate change forcing a relaxed country to stumble toward new ways...

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The New York Times · 18 Feb 2020

Australia wildfires reveal ancient aboriginal aquaculture system built before the Egyptian pyramids

Australia‘s wildfires have revealed an ancient aquaculture system built by indigenous people which is thought to predate the time of the Pyramids o...

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The Independent · 20 Jan 2020

Huge dust storms hit central New South Wales

Videos posted to social media show the clouds turning day into night in some areas

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The Guardian · 20 Jan 2020

'It's heart-wrenching': 80% of Blue Mountains and 50% of Gondwana rainforests burn in bushfires

Guardian Australia analysis reveals the frightening amount of world heritage area burned in Australia’s ongoing fire crisis

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The Guardian · 18 Jan 2020

Sir David Attenborough warns of climate 'crisis moment'

We're at a pivotal point in efforts to tackle climate change, the naturalist and broadcaster warns.

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BBC News · 18 Jan 2020

Australia fires: Smoke to make 'full circuit' around globe, Nasa says

Smoke from huge fires is expected to travel back to Australia after circling the globe, Nasa says.

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BBC News · 16 Jan 2020

How Rupert Murdoch Is Influencing Australia’s Bushfire Debate

Critics see a concerted effort to shift blame, protect conservative leaders and divert attention from climate change.

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Australia bushfires: 5 things to know about the crisis

Some key facts about the size, intensity and devastating impact of the fires.

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Police contradict claims spread online exaggerating arson's role in Australian bushfires

Donald Trump Jr was among those who retweeted misleading figures published by News Corp

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The Guardian · 9 Jan 2020

Bushfires have reshaped life on Earth before—they could do it again

The catastrophic bushfires raging across much of Australia have not only taken a huge human and economic toll, but also delivered heavy blows to bi...

australia bushfires physics · 8 Jan 2020

Police in Australia are accusing 24 people of deliberately setting bushfires

The Australia wildfires are a countrywide catastrophe, mainly caused by drought and extreme heat, but dozens of people are directly to blame for so...

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CNN · 8 Jan 2020

Practicing in Hell

An Australian practitioner warns fellow Buddhists not to give up their meditation practice in the face of devastating wildfires.

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Images from space show that smoke from the Australian wildfires has now reached South America

The horrendous wildfires that have been raging in Australia since September have now become some intense that smoke has reached South America, some...


indy100 · 7 Jan 2020

Water, Profit and First Nation Rights to Water | Q&A

"Corruption and capitalism has killed our rivers." Bruce Shillingsworth calls for Australia to wake up, and stop profiting on water.

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Facebook · 7 Jan 2020

Alternative Editorial: 12 Possibilities for the 2020s

Five days into a new decade and the public sphere is febrile.  Australia appears to be on fire. As we know, this is not a cheap-shot metaphor...

australia Extinction Rebellion climate change @The Alternative UK

Is Australia becoming uninhabitable?

Australia, one of the world's least welcoming nations to migrants, could shortly find many of its citizens seeking shelter and succour elsewhere. %

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What you'd spend to prevent climate change — and what you could get with your money

On average, Australians are willing to chip in an extra $200 a year to prevent climate change. It turns out that money could go a long way.

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ABC News · 6 Jan 2020

Australia on Fire: This is a Call to Step Up & Wake Up

How the Current System Works The Questions to Ask Custodians of Planet Earth Resources for Waking Up The heartbreak, outrage and fear of the future...


Australia Is Committing Climate Suicide

As record fires rage, the country’s leaders seem intent on sending it to its doom.


Australian bushfire crisis: smoke turns NZ sky orange

New Zealanders are phoning emergency services to report a glowing orange sky as smoke drifts across the Tasman Sea from Australia’s bushfires.

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PerthNow · 5 Jan 2020

Watch this Australian magpie perfectly mimic the sound of emergency sirens

A sobering reminder of the megafire's far-reaching effects.

australia bushfires

Mashable · 5 Jan 2020

Australia fires create plume of smoke wider than Europe as humanitarian crisis looms

Bushfires ravaging Australia have now killed at least 17 people and created a plume of smoke thought to be present over an area greater than that o...

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The Independent · 5 Jan 2020

Australian bushfires are so huge they're creating thunderstorms that start more fires

If powerful enough, a pyrocumulonimbus storm can generate a fire tornado, which happened during the Canberra bushfires in 2003.

australia bushfires

Australia has its hottest day on record

Australia this week experienced its hottest day on record and the heatwave is expected to worsen, exacerbating an already unprecedented bushfire se...

australia physics · 20 Dec 2019

Water Thieves Steal 80,000 Gallons in Australia As Our Mad Max-Style Future Becomes Reality

Thieves stole roughly 80,000 gallons of water in a region of Australia that’s suffering from one of the worst droughts in the history of the countr...

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Earther · 20 Dec 2019

Climate of chaos: the suffocating firestorm engulfing Australia

The death toll from the unprecedented crisis has reached eight and sparked an apology from the prime minister

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The Guardian · 20 Dec 2019

Too hot for humans? First Nations people fear becoming Australia's first climate refugees

As the big dry bites and temperature records tumble, Aboriginal people in Alice Springs say global heating threatens their culture and very survival

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The Guardian · 18 Dec 2019

How big are the fires burning on the east coast of Australia? Interactive map

The scale of the bushfires burning in eastern Australia can be hard to grasp. This interactive map shows the total area burned overlaid on differen...

australia bushfires

The Guardian · 9 Dec 2019

Australia’s civil rights rating downgraded as report finds world becoming less free

CIVICUS Monitor finds that in Asia almost nobody lives in a country where civil rights are not being eroded or repressed


The Guardian · 8 Dec 2019

Leading scientists condemn political inaction on climate change as Australia 'literally burns'

Climate experts ‘bewildered’ by government ‘burying their heads in the sand’, and say bushfires on Australia’s east coast should be a ‘wake-up call’

australia bushfires climate crisis climate change

The Guardian · 7 Dec 2019

Australia fires: blazes 'too big to put out' as 140 bushfires rage in NSW and Queensland

Bureau forecasts heatwave while fire authorities say dozens of fires will burn across Australia for weeks

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The Guardian · 7 Dec 2019

Plastic waste from Western countries is poisoning Indonesia

Waste from Australia, Europe and North America is causing health problems and contaminating local food chains in Southeast Asia.


Revealed: 'monumental' NSW bushfires have burnt 20% of Blue Mountains world heritage area

More than 10% of forest in NSW national parks destroyed by fire this season, with the damage to Gondwana rainforest a ‘global tragedy’

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The Guardian · 3 Dec 2019

Massive Mildura dust storm leaves Victorian town 'unliveable' amid 40C heat

Residents say such storms now occur on a weekly basis, as topsoil from drought-ravaged farms is blown through the town

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The Guardian · 23 Nov 2019

Sydney Is Running out of Water as Bushfires Rage

Sydney's water shortage is a mounting problem as wildfires are predicted to gain in strength and intensity this weekend.

australia bushfires water climate crisis @EcoWatch

EcoWatch · 16 Nov 2019

NSW public servants at climate conference told not to discuss link with bushfires

Exclusive: Email from government directs attendees at conference on climate adaptation to stay quiet on bushfire-climate link

australia bushfires climate change

The Guardian · 13 Nov 2019

The 2020s are set to be an economic turning point, says global banking giant

The next decade is likely to see higher prices and interest rates and a reversal of globalisation, but also a reduction in inequality and increased...

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ABC News · 13 Nov 2019

Australia fires: nation braces for 'most dangerous bushfire week ever seen'

New South Wales faces an unprecedented fire danger on Tuesday amid high temperatures and strong winds

australia bushfires climate change

The Guardian · 11 Nov 2019

Dozens of bushfires burn out of control in NSW and Queensland as temperatures soar

Hot and windy weather has created volatile conditions along parts of Australia’s east coast

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The Guardian · 8 Nov 2019

Australia's rivers are running dry. This is how it's impacting on locals

Australia's Darling River is running dry, its most severe drought in a century. From inedible fish to tap water causing skin irritations, it's havi...

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Sydney shrouded in bushfire smoke as Melbourne swelters

Air quality in Sydney and surrounds has been classed as ‘hazardous’, as parts of Victoria set to face hottest October day on record


The Guardian · 31 Oct 2019

Coral cover around popular Great Barrier Reef islands has almost halved

Scientists shocked by data showing loss of hard corals at 100 locations across Whitsundays, Magnetic Island, Keppel Islands and Palm Islands

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The Guardian · 25 Oct 2019

'Critical': parts of regional NSW set to run out of water by November

WaterNSW warns without significant rain, Macquarie River will run dry, wiping out supply to Dubbo, Cobar, Nyngan and Narromine

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The Guardian · 16 Sep 2019

Queensland extinguishes native title over Indigenous land to make way for Adani coalmine

Palaszczuk government did not announce decision Wangan and Jagalingou people say makes them trespassers on their own land

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The Guardian · 3 Sep 2019

'Social Breakdown and Outright Chaos': Civilization Headed for Collapse by 2050, New Climate Report Warns

"A high-end 2050 scenario finds a world in social breakdown and outright chaos. But a short window of opportunity exists for an emergency, global m...

amazon rainforest australia rainforest water amazon arctic climate change @EcoWatch

EcoWatch · 5 Jun 2019

Rebellion - A Film by Liam Prior - Extinction Rebellion

A Film by Liam Prior The 10 Working Principles of Extinction Rebellion https://R...

australia New Zealand Extinction Rebellion @YouTube

YouTube · 27 May 2019

XR Talks - Roger Hallam - We've Already Won

Filmed by Jamie Lowe - London, May 2019 The 10 Working Principles of Extinction Rebellion https://Rebellion.Earth/who-we-are/#principles 1. We h...

australia New Zealand Extinction Rebellion @YouTube

YouTube · 26 May 2019

Power, Decision Making & Strategy in Extinction Rebellion

Dr. Gail Bradbrook - April 20th 2019 - Filmed by Jamie Lowe The 10 Working Principles of Extinction Rebellion https://Rebellion.Earth/who-we-are/#...

australia New Zealand Extinction Rebellion @YouTube

YouTube · 26 Apr 2019

John Seed on Deep Ecological Identity/98

John Seed & Friends What could our reality look like if we had not grown up in a socie...

australia Joanna Macy rainforest water @Spotify

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