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The Politics of Waking Up 8: Relationship As The Rebel Act

Personal and social disconnection is at the heart of the system destroying our planet.

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The US city preparing itself for the collapse of capitalism

From a festival that helps artists trade work for healthcare to a regional micro-currency, Kingston is trying to build an inclusive and self-suffic...


Are You Ready To Consider That Capitalism Is The Real Problem?

Before you say no, take a moment to really ask yourself whether it’s the system that’s best suited to build our future society.


Neither Democrats Nor Republicans Will Admit the Problem Is Capitalism Itself

Cycles of growth followed by downturns is how capitalism has functioned for 250 years.


How post-industrial capitalism and a new type of big data will save the planet

We need transparency, accountability and trust to govern the world, and Mattereum will deliver it

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Living in Two Worlds: Capitalism Pretends All Is Well While the World Is Burning

As the climate crisis escalates, we must develop strategies for living while recognizing the contradictions at hand.

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How a game of musical chairs can help explain our broken economy

Except if you don't get a chair, you lose your house, your kids go hungry, and you don't get medical care.

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Psychedelic Communities, Social Justice, and Kinship in the Capitalocene

With capitalism weighing down on us, where is humanity heading and how can psychedelic communities become hubs of positive social change?

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adrienne maree brown on Pleasure as Birthright/115

adrienne maree brown begins this week’s episode by asking, “If we were not ashamed of our pleasure, what would become possible? If we started to un...

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#146 — Digital Capitalism

In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Douglas Rushkoff about the state of the digital economy. You can support the Making Sense Po...

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