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Smart Village Update

Listen to this episode from Future Thinkers on Spotify. Future Thinkers Smart Village is becoming a reality! We have found a new, large 400 acre pr...

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Spotify · 30 Apr

DAVID HOLMGREN on a Quiet Boycott /221

As so-called powerful “industrial civilizations” continue to decline into dysfunction, unable to care for the vast majority, the call to localize, ...

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Spotify · 12 Feb

Permaculture Design at Brave Earth, Costa Rica

Creating a living laboratory in service to regenerative living and co-evolution with nature.


Expanding Mind – Visionary Permaculture

Culture-crafter and plant poet Delvin Solkinson discusses permaculture principles, OS Gaia, cartomancy, visionary art, design activation, and the G...

permaculture @Spotify

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