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What Are You Shopping For?

In our Weekend Reader newsletter,'s Sam Littlefair looks at a different kind of consumerism.

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Lion's Roar · 1 Dec 2019

Dude, where’s my paradigm shift?

People have been heralding a new paradigm to replace materialism for over 140 years. Why hasn’t it happened? I asked some leading thinkers.

materialism consciousness @Medium

Medium · 26 Oct 2019

IX: A Very Brief History of Materialism

Introduction to the reading of Hegel's Logic, with a brief summary of materialist philosophy leading up Hegel's dialectics

materialism consciousness · 9 Oct 2019

The Science Delusion 2019: Bridport Literary & Scientific Institute

The Science Delusion / Science Set Free 2013 Book of the...

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YouTube · 4 May 2019

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