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The Pollination Approach: Bennet Zelner and Stephen Reid in conversation

Recording of the event that took place 2nd Dec 2020: Event description: The Psychedelic S...

economics physics Totnes governance Labour Green Party The Green Party psychedelics psychedelic @YouTube

YouTube · 15 Dec 2020

Momentum faces backlash over ‘ludicrous’ Labour leadership ballot of members

The left-wing group Momentum is facing a backlash over its “ludicrous” ballot of members for the Labour leadership, with just one option for both l...


The Independent · 16 Jan 2020

Clive Lewis: to beat Tories, Labour has to work with other progressives

Lords reform and PR must be part of radical political reform, says leadership contender

Labour Green Party

The Guardian · 7 Jan 2020

Why Labour Lost: Oligarchs are Gaming Democracy ?? | George Monbiot

“The oligarchs have discovered the formula for persuading the poor to vote for the interests of the very rich” Watch Full 48 Minute Interview Here...

Labour @YouTube

YouTube · 27 Dec 2019

Greens should rethink our relationship with Labour after its disastrous defeat

“While many Greens believe Labour is our friend, their tactics in elections show clearly that they see us as their key opponent.” Following another...

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Green World · 24 Dec 2019

Why the left keeps losing, Rebel Wisdom podcast

The UK election has delivered a landslide win for the right-wing Conservatives, and the biggest defeat for the left-wing Labour party since 1935. ...

Ken Wilber podcast Rebel Wisdom Labour

YouTube · 17 Dec 2019

Beyond Politics? The Limits of Extinction Rebellion’s Strategy Are Beginning to Show

Extinction Rebellion’s protests against Labour during the election campaign might come across as mind-boggling – but it should come as no surprise,...

Labour Extinction Rebellion @Novara Media

Novara Media · 8 Dec 2019

Land for the Many

This independent report commissioned by the Labour Party aims to put land where it belongs: at the heart of political debate.


Rural revolt: The independent rebellion threatening Tory Devon

A local campaigner called Claire Wright is fighting to end Tory rule in East Devon after 150 years, having turned the safe seat marginal over the l...


NewStatesman · 3 Dec 2019

UK general election 2019: Where the parties stand on drug policy

With less than three weeks until the general election on 12 December, most of the main UK political parties have now published their manifestos. We...

brexit Labour Green Party

Inside Momentum's data-driven march to put Corbyn in Number 10

The pro-Corbyn group has spent two years honing its campaigning technology. Will it be enough to make Corbyn prime minister?


WIRED UK · 30 Nov 2019

‘But How Is Labour Going to Pay for That?’ to Answer Effectively We Must Talk Politics, Not Economics

How should we answer the question that haunts the Labour party? Politically, on our own terms and by rooting it in peoples’ lived experience, argue...

economics Labour @Novara Media

Novara Media · 26 Nov 2019

On the doorstep, Labour faces the question: who do you speak for?

A ‘lads’ army’ is taking the fight to the Tories but are these foot soldiers connecting in the party’s traditional areas?

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The Guardian · 26 Nov 2019

Stormzy backs Labour in election with call to end austerity

Top grime MC and other artists write letter encouraging people to register to vote


The Guardian · 25 Nov 2019

How mindfulness privatised a social problem

The £3.4trn industry encourages a preoccupation with the symptoms of mental illness, rather than their social causes.


NewStatesman · 23 Nov 2019

A Second Green MP?

Today I was in Bristol canvassing for and interviewing Carla Denyer, the Green Party candidate for Bristol West.

Labour Green Party The Green Party @Stephen Reid · 23 Nov 2019

Bluster from blubberweight Johnson; fudge from newly trimmed Corbyn

Tory and Labour leaders manage an insincere handshake in an S&M dungeon – but little else

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The Guardian · 20 Nov 2019

The view from Uxbridge: young voters battle to oust Johnson from his own seat

A coalition of campaign groups is galvanising under-25s. Will they succeed in making this PM the first to lose his constituency at a general election?


The Guardian · 19 Nov 2019

This Is Labour’s Chance, the British Public Is Ready for Economic Transformation

Is the public ready for once-in-a-generation change in how we run the economy? Recent polling would indicate so. Indeed more than just primed for a...

Labour @Novara Media

Novara Media · 19 Nov 2019

Labour pledges free broadband for all homes and businesses in UK

Party says BT would be part nationalised under £20bn scheme which would also be funded by higher taxes on Google, Facebook and Amazon

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The Guardian · 15 Nov 2019

Labour Needs a Bold Climate Vision in This Election – Including a 2030 Decarbonisation Target

In what is being touted as the UK's first 'climate election', Aliya Yule argues it's up to the Labour party to put forward the strong vision requir...

brexit Labour climate crisis @Novara Media

Novara Media · 13 Nov 2019

Green candidate steps aside as Labour targets Tory-held Chingford

John Tyne ‘tactically withdrawing’ to help Labour unseat Iain Duncan Smith

Labour Green Party

The Guardian · 11 Nov 2019

The Guardian view on the Unite to Remain pact: a response to a failed system

Editorial: The election agreement between the Lib Dems, Greens and Plaid Cymru stems from an unfair voting system and the policy failure of the big...

Labour unite to remain

The Guardian · 10 Nov 2019

These Pro-Remain Labour Politicians Are Furious That A Remain Alliance Is Standing Against Them

"I thought the point of the Remain Alliance was to defeat Brexit MPs and it seems really odd to me," one Labour candidate told BuzzFeed News.

brexit Labour Green Party

BuzzFeed · 8 Nov 2019

I never expected to go viral just for saying billionaires shouldn’t exist

A tiny percentage of people have become super rich at the expense of everyone else. Who can argue that is right? asks Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle

governance Labour

The Guardian · 7 Nov 2019

Tom Watson quits as Labour deputy leader and steps down as MP

Move will reopen debate about party’s direction under Jeremy Corbyn


The Guardian · 7 Nov 2019

My Campaign Map

Enter your postcode, find the marginal that needs you most and make the biggest impact.


My Campaign Map · 5 Nov 2019

'He’s got a battle on his hands': could Uxbridge unseat Boris Johnson?

Labour’s candidate Ali Milani, 25, hopes student vote and Heathrow ‘betrayal’ could deliver shock result


The Guardian · 4 Nov 2019

This Election Is Where We Decide the Planet’s Future

With vast swathes of the planet quite literally on fire, 71% of Britons agree climate crisis is a more pressing issue than Brexit, writes Eleanor P...

brexit Labour climate crisis @Novara Media

Novara Media · 3 Nov 2019

Super-rich prepare to leave UK 'within minutes' if Labour wins election

Wealthy see potential taxes imposed by Jeremy Corbyn as bigger threat than Brexit

brexit Labour

The Guardian · 2 Nov 2019

Extinction Rebellion may enrage commuters, but it doesn't rely on majority support

Treating XR as just another campaign group trying to sway public opinion misses the point spectacularly.

Labour Extinction Rebellion

NewStatesman · 18 Oct 2019

What Now for the Green Party?

By David  Taylor, formerly Sedgemoor Green Party co-ordinator and Chair of West Somerset Green Party The Green Party seems to be taking increasingl...

Labour Green Party The Green Party

Labour Hub · 5 Oct 2019

Labour elite wins a battle, but it might have just lost the war

Unconditional adoration for Corbyn overrules Momentum remainers who believed promises their voices would be heard

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The Guardian · 25 Sep 2019

Labour to ‘consider legalising all drugs’ including cocaine and heroin

A Labour government could reportedly consider legalising all drugs if it was recommended by royal commission.  “There is nothing more important tha...


The Independent · 17 Sep 2019

Labour’s best tactic to beat Boris Johnson? A popular front

A progressive pact with Greens and Lib Dems is the party’s only option, says writer and broadcaster Paul Mason

brexit Labour Green Party

The Guardian · 3 Aug 2019

With Boris Johnson, the Rules Have Changed. Now Labour’s Leadership Must Step Up

Labour’s present agenda, tailor-made for the May and Cameron era, is still largely based on a theory of change limited to getting a socialist into ...

Labour @Novara Media

Novara Media · 3 Aug 2019

Brexit party tops Westminster election poll for first time

Survey by Opinium suggests Nigel Farage would be 20 seats short of a majority, with Conservatives reduced to 26 MPs

brexit Labour

The Guardian · 3 Jun 2019

'NI-GEL!' Brexit party event offers terrifying glimpse of our possible future

After a stream of lies about betrayal and humiliation, Yorkshire crowd are whipped up into a frenzy

brexit Labour

The Guardian · 14 May 2019

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