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A North Star for the Emerging Psychedelics Industry

Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization t...

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MAPS · 25 Apr 2020

Psychedelics for systems change: could drugs help us save the planet?

After being forced underground in the 1960s, today psychedelic drugs are having a renaissance. Scientists are only beginning to understand their tr...

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openDemocracy · 24 Feb 2020

Ram Dass, Beloved Spiritual Teacher, Has Died

The American spiritual leader, yogi, counterculture icon, and Be Here Now author has died. He was 88.

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If Everyone Tripped on Psychedelics, We’d Do More About Climate Change

Scientists are looking into what psychedelics do to inspire people to act pro-environmentally.

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Vice · 2 Jul 2019

Moving Into the Sacred World of DMT, by Nick Sand

"Moving Into the Sacred World of DMT," by one of the most prolific underground chemists in history, is essential reading for anyone interested in DMT.

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Just a Wee Bit More About DMT, by Nick Sand

Nick Sand's celebrated essay is indispensable for DMT newbs and veterans alike. Sand was the first person to smoke DMT and creator of Orange Sunshi...

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Stan Grof, 'the depths of the psyche'

What is the nature of the human psyche? How does spiritual experience relate to mental distress? And why does western culture have such a problem w...

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Albion Dreaming: A Popular History Of LSD In Britain by Andy Roberts

Albion Dreaming book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Contrary to popular belief, LSD is much more connected to Brit...

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The Promise of Psychedelics | David Nutt, Amanda Feilding, Stephen Reid by Philosophy For Our Times

Besides being illegal, LSD has not had good press, associated with bad trips and psychological breakdown. But with a new craze for microdosing acid...

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