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Jury acquits Extinction Rebellion protesters despite ‘no defence in law’

Six activists cleared of causing criminal damage to Shell’s London headquarters in 2019

Extinction Rebellion climate change

The faulty science, doomism, and flawed conclusions of Deep Adaptation

The claim that runaway climate change has made societal collapse inevitable is not only wrong – it undermines the cause of the climate movement.

Extinction Rebellion climate change

openDemocracy · 2 Aug 2020

12.02.20 XR 2020 Strategy – Power : Together

The world has changed significantly since Extinction Rebellion launched just over a year ago.  Inspired by activists around the world, arm in arm w...

Extinction Rebellion @Extinction Rebellion

Mark Ovland, Extinction Rebellion, and the limits of revolutionary mysticism

One of the figures in the controversial Tube protest by Extinction Rebellion is a Buddhist teacher who has embraced a new form of revolutionary Bud...

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James ‘Iggy’ Fox died on 6 February. He was 25, had given up a career in science to join XR and fought hard for the cause, especially for Indigenou...

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2025 no more? The Tory victory, XR, and the coming storms

There’s no chance of Boris Johnson’s government implementing any of Extinction Rebellion’s “three demands” to save the climate and biodiversity. So...

Extinction Rebellion

openDemocracy · 17 Jan 2020

Alternative Editorial: 12 Possibilities for the 2020s

Five days into a new decade and the public sphere is febrile.  Australia appears to be on fire. As we know, this is not a cheap-shot metaphor...

australia Extinction Rebellion climate change @The Alternative UK

Action in the Anthropocene

In the face of economic, social, and ecological breakdown, the inevitable transition is comming. And what it requires from us is beyond the realms ...

indigenous Extinction Rebellion @YouTube

YouTube · 18 Dec 2019

Beyond Politics? The Limits of Extinction Rebellion’s Strategy Are Beginning to Show

Extinction Rebellion’s protests against Labour during the election campaign might come across as mind-boggling – but it should come as no surprise,...

Labour Extinction Rebellion @Novara Media

Novara Media · 8 Dec 2019

Extinction Rebellion protester glues himself to Lib Dem battlebus

Activist dressed as insect targets battlebus as XR tries to push environment up agenda

Extinction Rebellion climate change

The Guardian · 4 Dec 2019

Climate debate: how party manifestos measure up on climate change and nature

Greenpeace policy experts have ranked the party manifestos and other climate and nature election commitments to reveal how serious they are.

Extinction Rebellion climate change

Greenpeace UK · 3 Dec 2019

Extinction Rebellion: We Need To Talk About The Future

Extinction Rebellion needs to become a movement that talks about justice. It needs to change — and it needs to change now.

Extinction Rebellion climate change @Medium

Medium · 23 Nov 2019

Rebel Glues On in Court

Melanie Edwards, 41, a carer from South Wales, today became the first Extinction Rebellion defendant to glue on in court during her own trial at Ci...

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Climate Chaos and Extinction Rebellion | Paul Mason

Commentator and author of Postcapitalism, Paul Mason explains who the biggest enemy of protest movements today is from Extinction Rebellion, to Bla...

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YouTube · 16 Nov 2019

Extinction Rebellion activists sail 'sinking house' down River Thames

Extinction Rebellion activists staged a surprising demonstration Sunday, floating a model of a sinking house down the River Thames in protest over ...

Extinction Rebellion

CNN · 11 Nov 2019

Police ban on Extinction Rebellion protests ruled illegal by high court

Section 14 order issued to halt protest across London was not legitimate, high court rules

Extinction Rebellion

The Guardian · 6 Nov 2019

Parliamentary Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change – A first step, but a devastating missed opportunity

Email: [email protected] Phone: +44(0)7969 083 371 / +44(0)7979 971209 / +44(0)7547663419 / +44(0)7479234522 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | M...

Extinction Rebellion climate change @Extinction Rebellion

MPs bow to Extinction Rebellion demand, as they send out invitations to climate change citizens' assembly

MPs have bowed to a demand by activist group Extinction Rebellion as they send out 30,000 invitations to a citizens' assembly on climate change.

Extinction Rebellion climate change

The Telegraph · 2 Nov 2019

The Politics of Waking Up 5: What Counts as Spiritual?

From Extinction Rebellion to the Headspace app, a yearning for spiritual growth seems to be reentering our public discourse. How can we feed this a...

Extinction Rebellion @Emerge

Emerge · 25 Oct 2019

No, Exctinction Rebels, nonviolence is not the only way

XR have achieved a lot, but as we pause after rebellion week, how do we deal with the ahistorical narratives and dodgy research pushed by the leade...

Extinction Rebellion

ROAR Magazine · 23 Oct 2019

Art Group

If you’re looking for ready-made artwork there’s a list of downloads below. These range from ready to print flyers and leaflets to large scale bann...

Extinction Rebellion @Extinction Rebellion

Why Extinction Rebellion Might Succeed — and in Many Ways, Already Has

The U.K.-based social movement for climate action could be on the way toward winning its ultimate goal — system change.

Extinction Rebellion climate crisis climate change

Truthout · 20 Oct 2019

Existential Risk Holds a Hidden Gift

This weekend I joined tens of thousands of people in a “Grief March”, led by Extinction Rebellion through the middle of London.

Extinction Rebellion climate change @Medium

Medium · 20 Oct 2019

How the anarchists of Extinction Rebellion got so well organised

The climate-change rebels have been reading up on management theory

Extinction Rebellion

The Economist · 20 Oct 2019

You might hate Extinction Rebellion’s methods but they’re changing the world

I was arrested on Wednesday. The fight against the climate catastrophe is changing.

Extinction Rebellion Green Party climate change

Metro · 20 Oct 2019

Police seek tougher powers against Extinction Rebellion

Strengthening public order laws could be ‘shocking assault on right to protest’, warn civil rights lawyers

Extinction Rebellion

The Guardian · 20 Oct 2019

Extinction Rebellion may enrage commuters, but it doesn't rely on majority support

Treating XR as just another campaign group trying to sway public opinion misses the point spectacularly.

Labour Extinction Rebellion

NewStatesman · 18 Oct 2019

Green Party co-leader and George Monbiot arrested at XR protest

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley and climate activist George Monbiot have been arrested after joining Extinction Rebellion protesters on Whit...

Extinction Rebellion Green Party

Evening Standard · 17 Oct 2019

Here's the secret to Extinction Rebellion's explosive growth

A decentralised structure has allowed all kinds of XR special interest groups to spring up, including lawyers, doctors and, of course, druids

Extinction Rebellion

WIRED UK · 16 Oct 2019

Rabbi, 77, arrested at Extinction Rebellion's Bank of England protest – video report

'We are in a period of enormous catastrophic breakdown, and if it takes an arrest to try to find ways of helping to galvanise public opinion, then ...

Extinction Rebellion climate change

The Guardian · 16 Oct 2019

Police ban Extinction Rebellion protests from whole of London

City-wide Met police operation begins to clear Trafalgar Square and other protest sites

Extinction Rebellion climate change

The Guardian · 16 Oct 2019

Extinction Rebellion and the Birth of a New Climate Politics

The U.K. movement’s claims might be exaggerated, but it shows us how the world is ready to grapple with the depth of the problem.

Extinction Rebellion climate change

Intelligencer · 16 Oct 2019

What are Extinction Rebellion's key demands?

The environmental activists want to force political leaders to take urgent action on the climate emergency

Extinction Rebellion climate crisis climate emergency climate change

The Guardian · 9 Oct 2019

Dr. Jem Bendell - The Meaning and Joy of Inevitable Social Collapse

Today I'm speaking with Dr. Jem Bendell. Jem exploded onto the internet with the release of his 'Deep Adaptation' paper, which has been downloaded ...

podcast meaning Extinction Rebellion climate change @Spotify

Spotify · 6 Oct 2019

Ronan Harrington - Extinction Rebellion: Collective Sacrifice and Metamodern Praxis

This week I'm speaking with Ronan Harrington about Extinction Rebellion. We talk about the strategic dilemmas of Extinction Rebellion, and how it f...

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Spotify · 5 Oct 2019

Extinction Rebellion

This is Our Declaration of International Non-Violent Rebellion Against the World’s Governments for Criminal Inaction on the Ecological Crisis.

Extinction Rebellion

Why this activist is calling for the mass ingestion of psychedelics

Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, called for a mass psychedelic act of civil disobedience in protest of drug criminalization.

Extinction Rebellion psychedelics psychedelic

Big Think · 8 Sep 2019

Police Tear-Gas Climate Activists in Paris on 'Hottest Day in History of France'

French riot police tear-gassed climate protesters in Paris on Friday as the county sweltered under record heat.

Extinction Rebellion climate crisis climate change @EcoWatch

EcoWatch · 5 Jul 2019

Extinction rebellion and the new visibility of religious protest

Climate change is increasingly seen as a spiritual crisis that requires a spiritual response.

Extinction Rebellion climate change

openDemocracy · 15 Jun 2019

Extinction Rebellion threatens to use drones to shut down Heathrow airport for up to 10 days

Extinction Rebellion (XR) is considering using drones to shut down London’s Heathrow Airport this summer, a spokesperson for the group said.

Extinction Rebellion

The Independent · 1 Jun 2019

Rebellion - A Film by Liam Prior - Extinction Rebellion

A Film by Liam Prior The 10 Working Principles of Extinction Rebellion https://R...

australia New Zealand Extinction Rebellion @YouTube

YouTube · 27 May 2019

XR Talks - Roger Hallam - We've Already Won

Filmed by Jamie Lowe - London, May 2019 The 10 Working Principles of Extinction Rebellion https://Rebellion.Earth/who-we-are/#principles 1. We h...

australia New Zealand Extinction Rebellion @YouTube

YouTube · 26 May 2019

Why the Guardian is changing the language it uses about the environment

From now, house style guide recommends terms such as ‘climate crisis’ and ‘global heating’

Extinction Rebellion climate crisis climate change

The Guardian · 21 May 2019

Honouring Polly Higgins: Jojo Mehta & Gail Bradbrook

The talk Polly was scheduled to give at the Findhorn Climate Change & Consciousness Conference 2019, becomes a fitting tribute to (and update on) h...

consciousness Extinction Rebellion climate change @YouTube

YouTube · 8 May 2019

Two-thirds of Britons agree planet is in a climate emergency

Greenpeace poll findings released alongside group’s ‘manifesto’ to slash emissions

Extinction Rebellion climate emergency climate change

The Guardian · 2 May 2019

Power, Decision Making & Strategy in Extinction Rebellion

Dr. Gail Bradbrook - April 20th 2019 - Filmed by Jamie Lowe The 10 Working Principles of Extinction Rebellion https://Rebellion.Earth/who-we-are/#...

australia New Zealand Extinction Rebellion @YouTube

YouTube · 26 Apr 2019

Ep. 127 "All Hands On Deck" Extinction Rebellion with Gail Bradbrook and Clare Farrell

Gail Bradbrook and Clare Farrell leverage love and grief to build the Extinction Rebellion, a movement that demands immediate action on climate cha...

Extinction Rebellion climate change @Spotify

Spotify · 13 Apr 2019

Do Psychedelics Hold the Key to Social Change?

Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, explains how her psychedelic experiences helped to shape the genesis of the movement.

Extinction Rebellion psychedelics psychedelic @Emerge

Emerge · 28 Mar 2019