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A Poker Pro Explains Game Theory: Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree was a top ranked poker player and won more than $4 million on the international circuit. A self-professed nerd with a degree in astrophy...

physics Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 28 Sep

Rebel Wisdom at Wilderness, full three hour takeover!

The Wilderness Festival is one of the UK's top festivals of music, food, talks and experiences. This year Rebel Wisdom took over the main talks spa...

Robin Carhart-Harris Rebel Wisdom psychedelics psychedelic @YouTube

YouTube · 25 Aug

Rebooting the Psychedelic Renaissance with Jamie Wheal

Recently, we released 'Endgame for the Psychedelic Renaissance?' in which Alexander Beiner caught up with Jamie Wheal to make sense of recent tensi...

Jamie Wheal amazon Rebel Wisdom psychedelic

YouTube · 27 Mar

Endgame for the Psychedelic Renaissance? Jamie Wheal

Tensions are running high in the fast-growing field of psychedelic medicine. As companies use aggressive tactics to corner the market, researchers ...

Jamie Wheal psilocybin Rebel Wisdom psychedelic

YouTube · 25 Mar

The Q Anon 'Shaman' & The Return of the Mythic

In the last week so many of the topics that Rebel Wisdom has been covering burst onto the world stage, the birth of new religions, the overlap betw...

Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 16 Jan

The Rise of Psychedelic Capitalism

Psychedelics are going mainstream. With landmark studies in the last decade showing their incredible potential in treating serious mental health co...

Jamie Wheal capitalism psilocybin Rebel Wisdom magic psychedelics psychedelic

YouTube · 10 Jan

WTF is Going On? If Everything is Far Right Then Nothing Is

Why is Rebel Wisdom listed as 'far right' in a new academic study? Does it point to a major crisis in sensemaking in mainstream institutions? In t...

Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 8 Dec 2020

War on Sensemaking V, Daniel Schmachtenberger

The increasing inability to make sense of the world is an existential problem, what might we be able to do to fix it? The original War on Sensemak...

Daniel Schmachtenberger Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

YouTube · 1 Oct 2020

Indigenous Thinking for Troubled Times, Tyson Yunkaporta

Can indigenous thinking save the world? Tyson Yunkaporta's new book 'Sand Talk' explores this question and is making a big impact. A senior lecture...

indigenous podcast amazon Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 22 Aug 2020

Making Sense of the Downward Spiral, Daniel Schmachtenberger

America's cities are ablaze with rioting after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This comes in the heightened tensions of the coronavirus...

coronavirus Daniel Schmachtenberger Jamie Wheal podcast Rebel Wisdom psychedelic

YouTube · 3 Jun 2020

Deep Code Bits: Game B Assessment

Are we seeing any progress towards Game-B in the unfolding breakdown of Game-A? -From the @Rebel Wisdom group Q&A Edited by Lorcan McSharp: https:...

Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 4 May 2020

Covid 19 Situational Update 14/04, Daniel Schmachtenberger

Where are we at with the progress of the pandemic and what needs to happen next? In a follow up to the previous situational assessment, Existential...

Daniel Schmachtenberger podcast Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 18 Apr 2020

Myth, Wisdom & Pandemic, Stephen Jenkinson, Zak Stein & Charlotte Du Cann

Over the last month, Rebel Wisdom has been interviewing some of the brightest minds in systems change and complexity to make sense of the crisis an...

podcast Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 18 Apr 2020

Pandemic: A New Story, Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is one of the most celebrated writers and speakers about the intersection of systems change and personal growth, in his books in...

economics podcast Charles Eisenstein Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 11 Apr 2020

Covid 19 Situational Assessment, Risk Landscape & Possible Solutions, Daniel Schmachtenberger

In this fast changing and overwhelming pandemic crisis, what is really going on, and what should individuals and governments do? Daniel Schmachten...

coronavirus Daniel Schmachtenberger podcast Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

YouTube · 29 Mar 2020

The Unfolding Meta-Crisis, Jordan Hall

We are in the middle of an accelerating crisis that is overwhelming our medical, financial and cultural systems. What is happening, and what is li...

podcast Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 23 Mar 2020

Lost Ways of Knowing

Culture is fragmenting into ideological tribes defined by rigid certainty and reductionist thinking. As a result, we're struggling to find new solu...

podcast Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 18 Feb 2020

War on Sensemaking II, Daniel Schmachtenberger

In War on Sensemaking, Daniel Schmachtenberger laid out why the 'information ecology' was so broken. It was a hugely popular film, with over 125,00...

Daniel Schmachtenberger podcast Rebel Wisdom

YouTube · 26 Dec 2019

Why the left keeps losing, Rebel Wisdom podcast

The UK election has delivered a landslide win for the right-wing Conservatives, and the biggest defeat for the left-wing Labour party since 1935. ...

Ken Wilber podcast Rebel Wisdom Labour

YouTube · 17 Dec 2019

What is Emerging? Dialogue with Future Thinkers & Emerge

Rebel Wisdom, the Future Thinkers podcast and the Emerge podcast have all been following the threads of an emergent conversation online, interviewi...

podcast Rebel Wisdom Future Thinkers @YouTube

YouTube · 20 Oct 2019

Collective Intelligence Series: Introduction

For the last 18 months, Rebel Wisdom has been seeking out the most advanced, essential and rebellious thinkers and tracking an online 'intellectual...

Daniel Schmachtenberger Jamie Wheal podcast Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

YouTube · 10 Sep 2019

Deep Code: Jordan (Green)Hall Documentary

If the next years are set to be some of the most challenging humanity has ever faced, how will we get through? Jordan Hall (formerly Greenhall) h...

Jordan Greenhall podcast Rebel Wisdom Future Thinkers @YouTube

YouTube · 21 Jul 2019

Future Thinkers & Rebel Wisdom

Both Future Thinkers and Rebel Wisdom have been following the thread of the emergent intellectual awakening online, and interviewing many of the sa...

podcast Rebel Wisdom Future Thinkers @YouTube

YouTube · 9 Jul 2019

The Intellectual Deep Web? Peter Limberg

In the viral article "The Memetic Tribes Of Culture War 2.0", Peter Limberg and Conor Barnes described how the binary right/left culture war of the...

podcast Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

YouTube · 31 May 2019

Rebel Wisdom Summit - Get Ready!

If you are watching this - you're coming to the Rebel Wisdom Summit on the 12th May. Look forward to seeing you there. We mentioned a few differen...

Jordan Greenhall Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

YouTube · 9 May 2019

Is the Psychedelic Renaissance Doomed? Jamie Wheal

Jamie Wheal documented the new psychedelic renaissance in his bestselling book 'Stealing Fire', where he talked about the transformative potential ...

Jamie Wheal Rebel Wisdom psychedelics psychedelic @YouTube

YouTube · 4 May 2019

Psychedelic Medicine? With psychedelic therapist Ros Watts

We are in the middle of a new psychedelic renaissance, At the centre of this revolution are hopes that these substances could be miracle drugs in t...

Jamie Wheal Rebel Wisdom magic psychedelics psychedelic @YouTube

YouTube · 29 Apr 2019

The Legacy of Integral, Rebel Wisdom Podcast

Rebel Wisdom recently released a series of films with the philosopher Ken Wilber, creator of Integral theory, a 'theory of everything', which becam...

Ken Wilber Jamie Wheal integral theory podcast Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

YouTube · 28 Apr 2019

Reality Check 2019, Jordan Greenhall

In his viral hit after the Trump election 'Deep Code: Situational Assessment 2017', Jordan Greenhall sketched out a framework for understanding the...

Jordan Greenhall Daniel Schmachtenberger Jamie Wheal Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

YouTube · 26 Apr 2019

Jamie Wheal: The Legacy of Integral

Rebel Wisdom recently released a series of films with the philosopher Ken Wilber, creator of Integral theory - a'theory of everything' - which beca...

Ken Wilber Jamie Wheal integral theory podcast Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

YouTube · 9 Apr 2019

Stan Grof, 'the depths of the psyche'

What is the nature of the human psyche? How does spiritual experience relate to mental distress? And why does western culture have such a problem w...

bitcoin LSD Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

Where Gillette Went Wrong

Gillette's newest ad, 'The Best a Man Can Be', has created a social media firestorm in the last few days. We sat down to discuss the reaction, the ...

Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

Glitch in the Matrix II, The Origin of the Intellectual Dark Web

The phrase 'Intellectual Dark Web' was first coined by mathematician Eric Weinstein in early 2018, it quickly spread. Was this just a chance remark...

Jordan Greenhall Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

Ken Wilber: 'Jordan Peterson and the evolution of thought'

Jordan Peterson has gone from an obscure Canadian academic to an intellectual megastar in a little over a year, and become one of the most polarisi...

Ken Wilber Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

Ken Wilber: The Intellectual Dark Web, an Integral Conversation?

What is the Intellectual Dark Web, and what does its emergence signify? It's the name given to a group of alternative media personalities - from Jo...

Ken Wilber consciousness Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

David Fuller : Rebel Wisdom, The Intellectual Dark Web & The Future of Media

 Today's guest is David Fuller, founder of Rebel Wisdom.  We talk about Jordan Peterson, the inspiration (and synchronicities) behind the founding...

podcast Rebel Wisdom @Spotify

John Vervaeke: Jordan Peterson & the Meaning Crisis

John Vervaeke's recent series, 'Awakening From the Meaning Crisis' has won him a cult following online. He has joined the emergent intellectual awa...

buddhism meaning Rebel Wisdom @YouTube

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