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The Pollination Approach: Bennet Zelner and Stephen Reid in conversation

Recording of the event that took place 2nd Dec 2020: Event description: The Psychedelic S...

economics physics Totnes governance Labour Green Party The Green Party psychedelics psychedelic @YouTube

YouTube · 15 Dec 2020

Stephen Reid: Psychedelics, Meditation & Enlightenment

In collaboration with The Psychedelic Society, Amir Giles is hosting a series of conversations on Psychedelics, Meditation & Enlightenment. For upc...

materialism metaphysics physics tao Totnes DMT David Bohm podcast Green Party climate change The Green Party psychedelics psychedelic @YouTube

YouTube · 20 Oct 2020

Clive Lewis: to beat Tories, Labour has to work with other progressives

Lords reform and PR must be part of radical political reform, says leadership contender

Labour Green Party

The Guardian · 7 Jan 2020

Greens should rethink our relationship with Labour after its disastrous defeat

“While many Greens believe Labour is our friend, their tactics in elections show clearly that they see us as their key opponent.” Following another...

Labour Green Party The Green Party

Green World · 24 Dec 2019

UK general election 2019: Where the parties stand on drug policy

With less than three weeks until the general election on 12 December, most of the main UK political parties have now published their manifestos. We...

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A Second Green MP?

Today I was in Bristol canvassing for and interviewing Carla Denyer, the Green Party candidate for Bristol West.

Labour Green Party The Green Party @Stephen Reid · 23 Nov 2019

Green candidate steps aside as Labour targets Tory-held Chingford

John Tyne ‘tactically withdrawing’ to help Labour unseat Iain Duncan Smith

Labour Green Party

The Guardian · 11 Nov 2019

These Pro-Remain Labour Politicians Are Furious That A Remain Alliance Is Standing Against Them

"I thought the point of the Remain Alliance was to defeat Brexit MPs and it seems really odd to me," one Labour candidate told BuzzFeed News.

brexit Labour Green Party

BuzzFeed · 8 Nov 2019

Lib Dems stand aside for Green Party’s Vix Lowthion on Isle of Wight

Could this be the path to Vix Lowthion becoming the Greens' second MP?

Green Party The Green Party @Bright Green

Bright Green · 3 Nov 2019

Berlin to freeze rents and give tenants rights to sue their landlords

Rents in Berlin will be frozen for five years under a new law targeting the housing crisis in the German capital. The legislation which was passed ...

Green Party The Green Party

The Independent · 23 Oct 2019

You might hate Extinction Rebellion’s methods but they’re changing the world

I was arrested on Wednesday. The fight against the climate catastrophe is changing.

Extinction Rebellion Green Party climate change

Metro · 20 Oct 2019

Green Party co-leader and George Monbiot arrested at XR protest

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley and climate activist George Monbiot have been arrested after joining Extinction Rebellion protesters on Whit...

Extinction Rebellion Green Party

Evening Standard · 17 Oct 2019

What Now for the Green Party?

By David  Taylor, formerly Sedgemoor Green Party co-ordinator and Chair of West Somerset Green Party The Green Party seems to be taking increasingl...

Labour Green Party The Green Party

Labour Hub · 5 Oct 2019

Labour’s best tactic to beat Boris Johnson? A popular front

A progressive pact with Greens and Lib Dems is the party’s only option, says writer and broadcaster Paul Mason

brexit Labour Green Party

The Guardian · 3 Aug 2019

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