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Smart Village Update

Listen to this episode from Future Thinkers on Spotify. Future Thinkers Smart Village is becoming a reality! We have found a new, large 400 acre pr...

indigenous permaculture Future Thinkers @Spotify

Spotify · 30 Apr

Listen to Daniel Christian Wahl - Designing Regenerative Cultures now.

Daniel Christian Wahl on regenerative cultures, the role of humans on planet Earth, and the importance of being in right relationship with technolo...

Future Thinkers @Spotify

Spotify · 2 Feb

Listen to Nora Bateson - How To Heal a Disintegrating Society now.

We invited Nora Bateson back on the show for another sensemaking conversation. Nora Bateson is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, educator, and th...

Future Thinkers @Spotify

Spotify · 21 Aug 2020

What is Emerging? Dialogue with Future Thinkers & Emerge

Rebel Wisdom, the Future Thinkers podcast and the Emerge podcast have all been following the threads of an emergent conversation online, interviewi...

podcast Rebel Wisdom Future Thinkers @YouTube

YouTube · 20 Oct 2019

Future Thinkers - Cultivating Human Sovereignty

Today on Emerge I’m speaking with Euvie Ivanova and Mike Gilliland, hosts of the Future Thinkers podcast. In this conversation we explore the conce...

podcast sovereignty consciousness Future Thinkers @Spotify

Spotify · 29 Sep 2019

FTP104: Retreat Center Vision & Other New Projects

We’ve been diving deep into several projects lately - growing our courses, designing a brand new meditation app, starting the global Future Thinker...

podcast meaning Future Thinkers @Spotify

Spotify · 29 Sep 2019

Deep Code: Jordan (Green)Hall Documentary

If the next years are set to be some of the most challenging humanity has ever faced, how will we get through? Jordan Hall (formerly Greenhall) h...

Jordan Greenhall podcast Rebel Wisdom Future Thinkers @YouTube

YouTube · 21 Jul 2019

Future Thinkers & Rebel Wisdom

Both Future Thinkers and Rebel Wisdom have been following the thread of the emergent intellectual awakening online, and interviewing many of the sa...

podcast Rebel Wisdom Future Thinkers @YouTube

YouTube · 9 Jul 2019

What is Emerging? Episode 1 - DOING: WE CREATE REALITY

[Turn on subtitles] EMERGE PRESENTS What is Emerging? | A video series in three parts. A This is not the truth and What Took You So Long? produ...

Bayo Akomolafe economics Fritjof Capra Future Thinkers @YouTube

YouTube · 30 May 2019

FTP082: Charles Eisenstein - The New Story of Climate and Humanity (Part 2)

Our guest in this episode is Charles Eisenstein, the author of "Sacred Economics" and his most recent book "Climate: A New Story". Charles explores...

economics meaning Charles Eisenstein consciousness Future Thinkers climate crisis climate change psychedelics @Spotify

FTP084: Kevin Kelly - What Technology Wants and The World of Superabundance

Today our guest is Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired magazine, former publisher of the Whole Earth Review, and author of many books, includ...

Future Thinkers @Spotify

FTP085: Kevin Kelly - AI Will Make Humans Better, Not Irrelevant

This is the second part of our interview with Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired magazine, former publisher of the Whole Earth Review, and a...

consciousness Future Thinkers @Spotify

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