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To disrupt the flow of carbon into the atmosphere, we must disrupt the flow of money to coal, oil and gas

Very interesting New Yorker article from the veteran US climate campaigner Bill McKibben, the pioneer of the university disinvestment campaigns. H...

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"We're not a Smart City, we're a Transition City": Rob Hopkins' amazing tale of Liege

We've returned from our trip to South Devon (see the Alternative Editorial this week) with a fistful of new tools and tales about everyday power ...

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We dream of a consensus-based politics - but vTaiwan is using digital tech, as well as comfy meals, to make it happen

We have covered the amazing e-democracy developments in Taiwan, called vTaiwan, directed by the digital minister Audrey Tang (once a protester), o...

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Alternative Editorial: Competing Betrayals

For those taking part in the movement of movements for change – you know who you are – it’s been a heavy week. There seemed to be so many signs tha...

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In his new book on the power of imagination, Rob Hopkins suggest ten ways to imagine yourself out of a climate crisis

It’s finally here to buy - Rob Hopkins’ From “What Is” to “What If”: Unleashing the Power of Imagination to Create the Future We Want . As the pie...

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Our broken politics is often conducted via fruitless debates. So what would an "anti-debate" look like?

A/UK is deeply interested in different forms of deliberation about issues - forms that are subtler and more productive than the knock-down binaries...

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