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Beyond Politics? The Limits of Extinction Rebellion’s Strategy Are Beginning to Show

Extinction Rebellion’s protests against Labour during the election campaign might come across as mind-boggling – but it should come as no surprise,...

Labour Extinction Rebellion @Novara Media

Novara Media · 8 Dec 2019

‘But How Is Labour Going to Pay for That?’ to Answer Effectively We Must Talk Politics, Not Economics

How should we answer the question that haunts the Labour party? Politically, on our own terms and by rooting it in peoples’ lived experience, argue...

economics Labour @Novara Media

Novara Media · 26 Nov 2019

This Is Labour’s Chance, the British Public Is Ready for Economic Transformation

Is the public ready for once-in-a-generation change in how we run the economy? Recent polling would indicate so. Indeed more than just primed for a...

Labour @Novara Media

Novara Media · 19 Nov 2019

Labour Needs a Bold Climate Vision in This Election – Including a 2030 Decarbonisation Target

In what is being touted as the UK's first 'climate election', Aliya Yule argues it's up to the Labour party to put forward the strong vision requir...

brexit Labour climate crisis @Novara Media

Novara Media · 13 Nov 2019

This Election Is Where We Decide the Planet’s Future

With vast swathes of the planet quite literally on fire, 71% of Britons agree climate crisis is a more pressing issue than Brexit, writes Eleanor P...

brexit Labour climate crisis @Novara Media

Novara Media · 3 Nov 2019

With Boris Johnson, the Rules Have Changed. Now Labour’s Leadership Must Step Up

Labour’s present agenda, tailor-made for the May and Cameron era, is still largely based on a theory of change limited to getting a socialist into ...

Labour @Novara Media

Novara Media · 3 Aug 2019

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