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#20 Daniel Görtz & The Fundamental Freedom Of Metamodern Friendship

Listen to this episode from The Lightfoot Podcast on Spotify. This week I'm joined by Daniel Görtz who is one of the marvellous minds behind Metamo...

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Spotify · 30 Jun

EP82 Hanzi Freinacht on Building a Metamodern Future

In a wide-ranging all-new episode, Hanzi Freinacht talks to Jim about the dynamics of political metamodernism & commonalities with Gameb, our meta-...

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Spotify · 6 Oct 2020

Beyond The Sklavenmoral Regime: The Übermensch

Freedom is a collective good in which your freedom is largely co-dependent upon mine and vice versa. This is probably the best way to understand fr...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 4 Apr 2020

Why Communism Failed

What went wrong with the Soviet Union and the com­munist revolution can hardly be said to hinge upon the wrongdoings or moral flaws of any single p...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 15 Feb 2020

Game Change, Yes Please

Neither game denial nor game accep­tance is a consciously held perspective. They are, of course, mis­takes we make because of unconscious biases an...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 8 Feb 2020

Stop Game Acceptance

Readers of a conservative bent have probably felt a streak of satis­faction reading my former post on game denial, while the radicals and liberals ...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 6 Feb 2020

EP36 Hanzi Freinacht on Metamodernism

Hanzi Freinacht, political philosopher, historian, sociologist, & author has a wide-ranging talk with Jim that starts by exploring what postmod...

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Spotify · 26 Jan 2020

Game Denial

Life is a game. Since we inhabit a world of limited resour­ces, our daily lives are full of zero-sum interactions where one party walks away with a...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 26 Jan 2020

Relative Utopia

In a way, we’re living in our ancestors’ utopia. If they could have wit­nessed our lives today, they probably wouldn’t have believed their eyes: al...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 19 Jan 2020

Attractors: The Guiding Stars of History’s Winners

What is the main difference between the winners and losers of history? Answer: Getting the attractors right.[i] Whereas the amateur studies how the...

Hanzi Freinacht @Metamoderna

Metamoderna · 16 Jan 2020

The Listening Society: A Metamodern Guide to Politics, Book One by Hanzi Freinacht

The Listening Society book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. As we move from the industrial age and its nation state ...

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