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Fungi, as articulated by Sophie Strand, are the enigmatic architects of the natural world, existing in the cryptic substratum of forests, fields, and even urban landscapes. They are neither plant nor animal but dwell in a kingdom all their own, weaving an intricate mycelial web that binds ecosystems together. Embracing death and decay, fungi transform what once was into what will be, facilitating the cyclical dance of life through decomposition and nutrient cycling. Far from mere background players, these shape-shifting organisms embody both creation and annihilation, engaging in symbiotic relationships that nurture plant partners and, by extension, entire biomes. Their hidden networks suggest a deeper, almost mystical interconnectedness, hinting at the unseen forces that knit the tapestry of existence. Straddling the material and the metaphorical, fungi invite us to reconsider our place within the broader narrative of life on Earth.

See also: mycorrhizal fungi, tissue disease, root system, mycelium, ecology

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