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From the reflective prose of Sophie Strand, ecology emerges not simply as a branch of biological science but as an intricate dance of interwoven relationships. To her, ecology represents the stories within stories, a vast narrative tapestry where each thread — be it a bustling city’s undergrowth, a fungi’s quiet symphony beneath forest floors, or a bee’s diligent choreography — speaks of deep interdependence and reciprocal belonging. In Strand's view, ecology is the mindful recognition of the world as a network of conversations, an ongoing dialogue in which every being plays a vital part. It is the poetic embrace of the Earth's aliveness, where even the seemingly inert rocks hold tales ripe with history and connectivity. To understand ecology through her eyes is to glimpse the sacred interconnections that sustain our shared existence, urging us toward a more compassionate, harmonious cohabitation with all forms of life.

See also: ecosystem, ecological niche, mycorrhizal system, climate change, toxic masculinity

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