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Sophie Strand defines 'narrative' as an intricate tapestry of interconnected stories that weave together the threads of human experience with the natural world. For her, a narrative is not merely a sequential recounting of events, but rather a living organism formed by the symbiotic relationships between characters, environment, and the ineffable forces that shape existence. She sees narratives as dynamic, evolving ecosystems that transcend individual perspectives, engendering a broader, more inclusive understanding of life. In Strand's view, narratives are the resonant chords that harmonize the dissonance between the human and the more-than-human, creating a communal space for empathy, reflection, and transformation. A narrative, therefore, is a vessel through which the multiplicity of voices can converge, converse, and coalesce, offering richer, more holistic visions of reality.

See also: myth, storytelling, relationship, place, culture

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