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Sophie Strand defines 'ecological storytelling' as a narrative approach that interweaves the lives of humans, animals, plants, and ecosystems, illustrating their interconnectedness and mutual influence. By emphasizing the symbiotic relationships within nature, Strand's ecological storytelling aims to dissolve the perceived boundaries between species and highlight the intricate, dynamic web of life. This method not only fosters a deeper appreciation for biodiversity but also encourages a sense of responsibility and stewardship towards the environment. Through richly layered tales that blend science, myth, and personal experience, Strand seeks to cultivate an ecological consciousness that celebrates and protects the natural world.

See also: ecology, narrative, myth, trauma, storytelling

Excerpt - Toward Ecological Storytelling with SOPHIE STRAND 134

Spark Series: Sophie Strand 121

Ecological Storytelling with Sophie Strand | REC 2.0 16