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Sophie Strand, an evocative and intricate storyteller with a leaning towards the integration of myth and ecology, might define 'trauma' as an intricate web spun from the threads of ancestral wounds, societal constructs, and personal experiences. Trauma, in her view, is not just an event or moment of pain but a rippling echo that disturbs the equilibrium of body and soul, an unresolved story that lingers in the marrow of being. It is a rupture in the seamless narrative, a fracture that invites us to reconnect with our fragmented selves and the world around us. It becomes a call to dive deep into the roots of our suffering, exploring the fertile ground of our psyche where, paradoxically, the seeds of healing and transformation reside, awaiting the patient and compassionate tending of our awareness.

See also: tissue disease, immune system, toxic masculinity, sacred feminine, mythic masculine

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