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Sophie Strand might define culture as an intricate tapestry of shared stories, rituals, and symbols that weave together the essence of a community's collective experience. She would emphasize that culture is not merely a static repository of customs but a dynamic, evolving process that shapes and is shaped by the land, the individuals, and the ecosphere they inhabit. For Strand, culture is deeply entwined with the non-human elements, integrating flora, fauna, and geological features into a holistic narrative. It thrives on the communion of different voices—both human and more-than-human—creating a living, breathing entity that holds the past, present, and future in a delicate, yet resilient balance. This interconnectedness underscores that culture is a continuous conversation between memory, myth, and materiality, providing the fertile ground from which meaning and identity sprout.

See also: ecological storytelling, mythic mycelium, sacred feminine, masculinity, mycelium

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