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Masculinity, according to Sophie Strand, is a fluid and multifaceted construct that emerges from the interplay of biological, cultural, and personal narratives. She views it as an ecosystem rather than a static identity, emphasizing the dynamic and evolving nature of how maleness is expressed and perceived. Masculinity, in her eyes, is not confined to physical strength or emotional stoicism but rather encompasses a broad spectrum of traits and behaviors, ranging from vulnerability and empathy to assertiveness and resilience. Influenced by myths, stories, and historical contexts, Strand portrays masculinity as an ever-adaptive force, capable of nurturing and transforming both the individual and communal spheres. By disentangling it from rigid, patriarchal paradigms, she advocates for a more inclusive understanding that honors the diversity of masculine experience.

See also: sacred masculine, toxic masculinity, mythic masculine, men's work, iron john

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