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Sophie Strand, with her profound insight into the intersection of mythology, ecology, and spirituality, would describe the ‘sacred masculine’ as an archetypal energy that embodies strength, protection, and courageous vulnerability, intertwined harmoniously with a deep reverence for the natural world. The sacred masculine is not confined to gender but is a spiritual force that catalyzes action, nurtures, and defends with integrity and honor. It is a reclaiming of male energy that strives for balance rather than domination, promoting a symbiotic relationship with the feminine and the Earth. This archetype encourages an embodiment of wisdom, service, and grounded leadership, fostering community, creativity, and a sense of sacred duty. Strand emphasizes that the sacred masculine is crucial for restoring ecological balance and healing societal wounds, inviting all individuals to integrate these values into their lives.

See also: mythic masculine, men's work, iron john, king david, dionysus

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