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Suffering can be thought of as an experience of pain, suffering, distress or psychological distress, that has a negative, disruptive impact on one's quality of life. It is an inherently individual experience, and can involve physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual elements. It ranges from the less intense experience of feeling distressed, to intense and incapacitating pain, distress or emotional torture. It involves both a cognitive appraisal of one's experience and its emotional impact, and may be associated with a feeling of helplessness or powerlessness in the face of whatever is causing suffering. It is often associated with a sense of meaninglessness, alienation, and lack of control. Suffering can be caused by acute or chronic experiences, such as physical illness, mental illness, disability, or social and systemic disadvantage.

See also: dependent origination, compassion practice, insight meditation, bodily experience, loving kindness

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