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In the writings of Sophie Strand, the 'mythic masculine' emerges as an archetype that transcends conventional definitions of masculinity. For Strand, it embodies a profound connection to ancient stories and symbols, merging deep-rooted traditions with a fluid, evolving sense of self. This concept encapsulates qualities such as strength, courage, and protection, harmoniously intertwined with vulnerability, intuition, and a nurturing disposition. The mythic masculine is an inclusive and dynamic force, grounded in both the personal and the collective unconscious, drawing its power from a symbiotic relationship with nature and the cosmos. It serves as a sacred bridge, forging continuity between historic masculine representations in mythology and contemporary efforts to redefine and expand notions of male identity. In this vision, the mythic masculine stands as a timeless, transformative ideal that encourages deeper self-awareness and empathy while embracing the full spectrum of human experience.

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